Senior Map


- Consider doing graded research with an ME Faculty member in your senior year. You can use this type of credit to count for up to 3 units towards your technical elective requirement.

- Apply for Graduate School (if applicable).

- Be sure to give your recommenders at least 1 month to write your letters of recommendation.

- Attend a fellowship workshop if you plan to apply.

- Start looking for post-graduation employment (if applicable).

- Be sure to participate in the ME Town Hall Meeting, and complete the Town Hall Survey.

- Take the PE Exams (Professional Mechanical Engineering Exams from the California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists). Though you not required to take the exams by UC Berkeley or the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to be a licensed Engineer in California, you must pass the exams. Students typically take this test in the Senior year (October or April).

- Students  planning to graduate in the Spring should complete their final degree check with the College of Engineering.



- Complete your job search if applicable.