Junior Map


- Junior transfers should reference the Freshman Map, August-October.

- Junor transfers can begin looking/preparing for future undergraduate research opportunities by visiting the departmental adviser, their faculty adviser, and attending faculty office hours.

- Freshman admits can usually begin to participate in undergraduate research.

- Update your resume/CV at the beginning of the semester. The UC Berkeley Career Center provides tips for producing a good resume.

- Attend the ME Career Fair, as well as campus-wide fairs.

- Go over the Scholarship Connection to see if there are any scholarships you are eligible to apply for and their deadlines.



- Junior transfers can begin participating in Undergraduate Research.

- All students should begin looking into and studying for the FE Exams (Fundamentals of Engineering Exam). Though you not required to take the exams by UC Berkeley or the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to be a licensed Engineer in California, you should pass the exams as the first step. Students typically take this test in the Senior year (October or April).

- Continue to cultivate your relationships with faculty.



- Students who are planning on applying to Graduate Schools in the Fall should consider:

- Studying for their GREs once school is out.

- Taking their GREs in July or August.

- Starting on their application essays.

- Getting packages together for their recommenders (these packages should include, at least, a list of schools for which you are asking them to submit a letter, your unofficial transcript, your CV/resume, and any notes you wish them to have as a reference when they write the letter on your behalf).

- Getting a head-start on applying for fellowships, such as the NSF.

- Consider taking Summer courses, along with research, to subdivide the course load during the regular semester.