Undergraduate Announcements 5/6/16


1)  Engineering 25, 26, 27 have been reopened for enrollment.


2)  As a reminder, if you are taking E45 for a lower div tech elective, you do not need to take the lab portion.  However, if you need it as a core/required class for your curriculum, you will need both E45 and E45L.


3)  As a reminder, course enrollment changes will be allowed 24/7 from the start date/time of your appointment until July 15th.  Just keep in mind that whatever changes you would make would still need to be within the 10.5 unit restriction.


4)  FYI:  Just because a course petition for you to take a graduate course or a course outside of the department has been approved, it is not a guarantee that you will get into the course. 


5)  All students can get pass/not pass units for ugrad research (ME 199).  However, if you wish for the units to count towards your tech elective requirement, there are restrictions (grades, academic level, etc).  Contact me if you have questions about these restrictions.


Have a good weekend, and BEST OF LUCK on your finals. 





Quantitative Science this Fall

Looking for a Quant Sci this fall?  Please make sure that you know about the petitionable courses at http://www.me.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/course-information/undergraduate-technical-electives (scroll all the way to the bottom).  Here are the applicable rules:


1)  Once a quant sci course is petitioned and approved, it will also count as an ME-Sponsored course.  That means you still get one course outside of ME automatically if you decide to petition a course from this list.


2)  15 of the 18 technical elective requirements have to be ME-Sponsored.  However, the ME Department will accept petitions for 2 additional courses outside of the department to count towards your degree (for a maximum of 3 courses total).  These petitions are not guaranteed to be approved, however the chances of them getting approved is significantly higher if you choose from the list at http://www.me.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/course-information/undergraduate-technical-electives.  A quant sci taken outside of the department is taken into account for the max. of three. 




- If you have taken CHM ENG 170A, CHM ENG 170B, CHM ENG C170L and all of these have been petitioned and approved as part of your 18 tech electives by the department, you will not be able to then petition for an outside ME (regardless of the fact that is counted as a ME-sponsored course).


-  In the case that you haven't completed any of your 18 units to date, ff you wish to take MATH 189 this Fall and if your petition is approved, you will have 15 units left to take.  You could take 3 of those tech elective units outside of the department without a petition.


I hope that this makes things clear.  Please email me if you have further questions about this.



Internship at Triple Ring

Triple Ring is an imaginative research and development firm that focuses on helping clients across the bay area to solve critical and often complex technical challenges, with extensive experience in medical device, life science, clean technology, security and industrial technologies.  We are looking for a summer intern to help us create test protocols, methods and apparatus for engineering tests of the functional requirements for a medical or in-vitro product.


A detailed job description and qualification can be found in the attachment, and to apply for this position, please go online to:


If you have any questions regarding this position, please feel free to email klu@tripleringtech.com


College Committees are looking for Student Reps

Apply now to serve on a college-wide committee! Students who have had this unique opportunity recommend the experience as an impactful way to contribute and to develop professional skills with as little a time commitment as 1-3 hours a month. They have had opportunities to work closely with engineering faculty and staff, understand the inner workings of the College, and implement changes and improvements that directly impacted their peers. If that sounds even a bit intriguing to you, definitely look into this opportunity to serve as a Student Rep for a committee in the College of Engineering. Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year for all student positions will be accepted until 5pm on Friday, June 17. More information and the application are available online.

Extended Engineering Library Hours

The Engineering Library will be piloting extended hours between RRR and Finals weeks this Spring semester as follows.

  • Friday, May 6: 9am-11pm
  • Saturday, May 7: 11am-11pm
  • Sunday, May 8: 11am-11pm


All services will be available during the extended hours, including laptop checkouts, circulation, and study room reservations. 


Join the Berkeley Hyperloop Team

In Berkeley for the summer? Spend your time on something that will change the world. The Hyperloop is an ambitious concept pioneered by Elon Musk, a levitating bullet train that is capable of taking people from LA to SF in 30 minutes. We on the Berkeley Hyperloop team have designed a system that can make this possible, and we are fully funded to build an 80% scale prototype this summer. That being said, this is a huge technical challenge, and we are looking for dedicated engineers to help with the fabrication, testing, and controls of our Hyperloop pod THIS SUMMER! If you are passionate about making Hyperloop a reality, please apply or email any questions.

Bergeron Scholarship Program

The Bergeron Scholarship Program provides five new scholarships annually to talented female STEM undergraduates. This program pairs scholars with professional women at the top of their fields to serve as mentors, and gives the students access to a comprehensive suite of support resources, including some funding for research, academic assistance, networking, and career development opportunities. For more information and to apply visit their website.

Paid Summer Research Position at UC Davis

The candidate will work on a project in collaboration with UC Davis. The goal of the project is writing and testing a model-predictive control algorithm to control three HVAC units in a building in Davis campus. The model will be developed using Python and Julia languages. The building is already instrumented and setup with a Python-based control system that runs in the cloud. The candidate will help developing the actual code, testing it in the building, analyzing results and writing a report. The candidate needs to be available to commute to Davis when needed (typically once a week). The cost of the trip will be reimbursed.


The preferred qualifications are:
-background in control systems
-familiarity with model-predictive controls
-proficiency in Python


Prof. D. Auslander, dma@me.berkeley.edu