Undergraduate Announcement 4/27/18


1)  Please join us from 2-5 PM today in Studio 310 @ Jacobs Hall for the ME 102B project showcase, Inventors Open House.


2)  I will hold an informal AMA in Hesse Hall on Monday, 4/30, in the lounge area.  I will bake cookies, so please feel free to come and join in!


3)  An FYI for you all.  It looks like there may be limited seats in ME 104 (~100) in the Spring and they will be restricted to MechE students (at least until way into Phase II).  Please take this into account when scheduling your Fall courses.  (I would not recommend waiting to take it.)


4)  Warning:  It is not a good idea to leave any of your sophomore or junior year courses to your senior year.  They are likely to conflict (because MechE has so many classes to schedule) and we do not guarantee any accommodations.  There have been cases when students have had to take courses through concurrent enrollment after their last semester to complete their degree. 


5)  Don't forget that http://classes.berkeley.edu/ is a better reference for available secondary sections than the scheduling system you use.


6)  Every student is required to take the prereqs of courses before you take those courses.  If you are going to take the courses without a prereq, it would behoove you to get the instructor's permission in writing (email is fine) and to keep this in your records.


7)  Please complete your course evaluations today at https//course-evaluations.berkeley.edu/.


Have an incredible weekend, all!


Research Positions Open in Model Predictive Control (MPC) Lab
Research Project Title: Connected and Automated Cars in PreScan 
Location: 2169 Etcheverry Hall
Research Areas: Robotics, Controls
Description: The student should work under the supervision of a graduate student in order to build the highway environment for different autonomous driving scenarios in PreScan simulator. 
Relevant Skills: MATLAB/Simulink 
Contact Person: Roya Firoozi    Email: royafiroozi@berkeley.edu
Interested applicants may send me their resume.
Research Project Title: Vehicle CAN Interface 
Location: 2169 Etcheverry Hall
Research Areas: Robotics
Description: The student should work under the supervision of a graduate student to write code in C/C++ and ROS for the vehicle's CAN interface.
Relevant Skills: C/C++, Linux, ROS
Contact Person: Roya Firoozi    Email: royafiroozi@berkeley.edu
The research area(s) for the project : Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles
A brief description of the position : An undergraduate researcher will help building a test bed for testing connected and automated vehicles and an interface between a Linux computer and a test vehicle.
The criteria needed for the position : Fluent in Python and Matlab, experienced with ROS
A contact person :Yeojun Kim (yk4938@berkeley.edu)
Interested applicants may send me their resume.
Research Positions Open in FLOW Lab
- Experimental fluid mechanics research in characterizing performance of drone propeller blades near water surface. It will involve set-up and experimental testing within Etcheverry using a high precision linear axial stage mounted over a water tank.
 - Experimental ocean engineering research in setting up and characterizing performance of a wave energy conversion device at the Richmond Field Station. Work will involve setting up a three-degree of freedom mount for the device and conducting preliminary tests in regular waves within the tow tank.
Ideally, the students would work jointly on both projects. No specific experience is required, however, any experimental fluid mechanics research would be an asset. If they could please send their resumes to myself, that would be appreciated.
My contact information is the following:
Eric Thacher
phone: 510-701-8768
Research Positions Open in Mechanical Systems Control Lab

Location:  2103 Etcheverry Hall.

The research area(s) for the project:  Mechatronics

Description of the position
In order to build a driving simulator with human driver inputs, an interface for the human is needed. The visual interface to display the simulated driving environment has been accomplished. A student is expected to build the mechanical interface of the driving simulator by integrating real-car pedals and steering wheels at first. Then simple software to transmit the pedal signal to the driving simulator will be developed. The software also controls the force feedback which provides real-driving feelings to the human driver.
The criteria needed for the position
  - Basic knowledge about C or C++ coding.
  - Basic knowledge about system control (ex. PID control).
Contact person
   -Hiroyuki Okuda (  hiro.oku@berkeley.edu  )
   -Wei Zhan (  wzhan@berkeley.edu  )

Please send resumes

Research Positions Open in Professor Alam's Lab
Here are description of the two projects we have for ugrads this
summer. These two are already posted on beehive
Interested and qualified students can directly contact me (Professor Alam -
1. Real-Time Video Processing with Raspberry Pi
We are looking for a motivated and hands on EECS / ME student with background in real time video processing. The role includes developing Python codes to perform image processing on a Raspberry Pi system. This is part of a larger project with focus on design and fabrication of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with a new attitude/orientation control system. Candidates are required to make a 3 month commitment. Familiarity with Arduino (both hardware and software) as well as Matlab/Simulink would be a plus.

2. High-Speed Optical Data Communication System with  Laser
We are looking for a motivated and hands on EECS / ME student with background in analog and digital circuit design. The role includes design and fabrication of an optical data communication system with a laser diode and a photo-diode receiver. The goal is to connect two computers via their Ethernet ports and the optical data communication module that will be designed and fabricated by the end of this
project. Candidates are required to make at least a 3 month commitment. Familiarity with TTL modulation with laser as well as PCB design is critical in this project.
Research Positions Open in Berkeley Biomechanics Laboratory
-  The research area(s) for the project
CAD design, machining, tolerancing
-  A brief description of the position
We need to build a custom device that will allow for dynamic/cyclic compression loading of soft biological materials while being imaged with an ultrasound device. 

-  The criteria needed for the position
CAD, machine shop training.

-  A contact person (please send resumes)
Prof. O'Connell (g.oconnell@berkeley.edu)
Research Positions Open in EMT Lab


The graduate student Team in the EMT lab at Berkeley is looking for a motivated undergrad to contribute to the team this summer. Working under Van P. Carey and his graduate students, the student would help in the research to develop hydrophilic surfaces to enhance spray cooling. A crucial part of the experimental process is taking slow motion video of droplet deposition tests and pulling frames from the video to track droplet growth. We are looking for a student interested in image analysis who would like to contribute to sustainability research by automating the process of droplet area calculation. Provided with images we would like the program to pull in the set of images, find the boundary (non-symmetric) of the droplet, and given a scale, provide the area inside the boundary. Applicants ideally have a mechanical engineering background and experience with coding languages and image analysis. Please send your resume and any questions to Emma McClure at emma_mcclure@berkeley.edu.

Research Positions Open in CADML Lab

We are searching for an undergraduate to help with a research project in the Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab (CADML) in 5101 Etcheverry, overseen by Prof. Sara McMains.This project is experimental and will consist of manufacturing parts using 3D printers on campus and inspecting the parts for dimensional and geometric accuracy. The goal of the project is to use experimental data to identify sources of geometric accuracy in 3D printed parts. This data will be used to improve design tools that predict and minimize this inaccuracy. The undergraduate student will help with any and all aspects of this project, depending on their skills and interests. This unpaid, part-time research position is for summer 2018. Independent study credit is available.


Desired qualifications

  • Experience with using 3D printers

  • Working knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

  • Basic MATLAB programming

  • Experience making parts and drawings in a 3D CAD package (SolidWorks or NX preferred)

Please send a resume to Hannah Budinoff (hdb@berkeley.edu), who is the graduate student working on this research project. If you have previously completed ME machine shop and/or Jacobs Halls safety training, please note that fact in your email. Thanks!

"Paws" Before Finals

Is the stress of finals and projects and papers getting to you?  Did you know just one short pet visit is proven to increase feel-good endorphins and decrease stress levels? Come de-stress Wednesday, May 2, 12-2pm, Bechtel Patio with Puppies on the Patio. You’ll find the most adorable and friendliest therapy dogs! Refreshments will be provided.  Dogs brought to you by Alliance of Therapy Dogs, sponsored by Engineering Student Services and Theta Tau Engineering Fraternity.

Sindoni Consulting - Summer Internship
The UC Berkeley MEng Presents: Capstone Showcase 2018

The UC Berkeley Master of Engineering program presents the annual Capstone Showcase 2018: Innovating for Social Impact. 2 Days. 13 Tracks. 100 Teams. Hundreds of attendees will convene in Berkeley for two days of innovating for social impact. Each team has prepared a 10-minute presentation of their year-long research, followed by an interactive Q&A from the audience. With 13 tracks and 100 Capstone teams, see where the future of engineering is headed by uncovering the projects created in collaboration between UC Berkeley faculty, industry partners, and Master of Engineering student leaders. RSVP required: https://mengcapstone2018.eventbrite.com

UC Berkeley's Fung Fellowship Presents: The Fung Fellow Collection
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1 from 5:30-7:30 at the BAM/PFA 
Please join us on May 1st from 5:30–7:30pm for a fun and dynamic exhibition of the Fung Fellowship’s year-long, innovation lab projects! During an exclusive event at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), the inaugural class of Fung Fellows will showcase their solutions for social impact. The Fung Fellow Collection will include a brief, introductory pitch session, a demonstration expo, and artwork from our customer communities.
2018-19 HENAAC Scholarship Application


One Week Remaining to Submit your Application for
The Great Minds in STEM™
2018-19 HENAAC Scholarship



 DEADLINE: 11:59 PM PST, April 30, 2018

Graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students and graduate students, who intend to or are currently pursuing a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) degree at an accredited college/university in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, are encouraged to apply for these merit-based scholarships. Students must have an overall minimum 3.0 GPA and must be of Hispanic descent or demonstrate strong leadership or service within the Hispanic community.
Scholarship awards range from $500 - $10,000

Scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the 30th HENAAC Conference, from October 18 – 21, 2018, in Pasadena, CA. Great Minds in STEM subsidizes over $850 in registration, travel and housing for the Scholars to attend this conference, where they will meet their sponsors, be awarded their scholarship and formally recognized as new members of the GMiS Scholars Society.
Types of scholarships:

Corporate / Government Sponsored Scholarships – These scholarships are made possible thanks to our dedicated scholarship sponsors from corporate America, federal agencies and affinity groups.

Special Recognition Scholarships


Intel Scholarship – These highly-competitive $10,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified graduate students pursuing a computer science, IT or related software development degree. Recipients may also have the opportunity to receive a Letter of Intent from Intel.


U.S. Navy STEM Scholarship - These highly-competitive $10,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified graduating high school seniors, who have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and will be pursuing a STEM degree at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI). During their first semester in college, these scholars have the opportunity to apply for the Student Employment Program, which provides them a summer internship and continued funding through their undergraduate career, so long as the student maintains a competitive GPA.


In Memoriam and Personal Scholarships - Great Minds in STEM awards some very special scholarships, which have been established in the loving memory of an endeared supporter of GMiS or have been established by long-time supporters and dear friends of GMiS.  Scholarships begin at $500.





Wind Energy Opportunities in Peru for Berkeley students!

Following a phenomenal 2017 (86 volunteers from 22 countries), we have already had 44 volunteers sign up for our 2018 programs! We are delighted to be welcoming them to help us install and maintain wind turbines to deliver clean, cheap energy to rural communities in Peru. While constructing and installing the wind turbines, volunteers are directly integrated into multiple opportunities including Research & Design, Community Engagement, and Building Skills for the Future!

Research & Design - All volunteers are involved in some way with developing the turbine design and project execution, depending on their interests. A short list of some projects already underway and planned for this year include: alternator optimization for increased energy production, investigating blade composition to reduce weight, waste & decrease requisite startup wind speed, and improving battery charging & lifespan.

Community Engagement - Our volunteers this year will be able to connect to the communities we work with like never before. Since WindAid started volunteers have directly contributed to getting electricity access to over 700 Peruvians to date! In 2018 we have expanded our focus on integration with the communities, and in addition to building & installing wind turbines the volunteers will do presentations to schools, families, and universities, analyze the impact of turbines, and assist in servicing and outreach.

Building Skills for the Future - We want to have every volunteer learn as much as they can from their time in Peru with WindAid and have a full and rounded experience. Our volunteers have gone on to work in major corporations, founded their own organizations, and get invited to do graduate studies at prestigious universities, all thru connections they were able to create while at WindAid with scholars & professionals from around the world in the sustainability sector.

We still have places available but they are filling up fast; especially with limited spaces left in all projects thru August, we encourage anyone interested to Apply Soon! We have much more information available on our website, and we are always available to answer any questions for anyone interested in learning more about the volunteering opportunities.




Flyer:  https://goo.gl/WbkUg4

DES INV 190E: Interactive Device Design offered during Summer 2018
Interactive Device Design, a project-based design course in which students conceptualize and build internet-connected devices, will be offered this summer through the Jacobs Institute. IDD typically runs during the fall semester as ME290U/CS 284-84, but will not be offered this coming fall, so the summer is a great opportunity to take the course, develop new skills, and work on exciting, hands-on projects. 
Learn more about the course or peruse past syllabi and assignments. For questions about the course, contact Amy Dinh, Jacobs Institute Student Services Advisor (amydinh@berkeley.edu).