Undergraduate Announcement 2/9/18


1)  We are looking for a Reader for ME 106 to serve from March 5th through May 11th.  You must have taken the course and received at least an A-.  The appointment would be 10 hours a week and the pay would be $15.11/hour.  If you are interested, please email me.



2)  MechE T-Shirt Contest:  We're looking for new designs for 2018!
* The tees will be for students, staff and faculty
* Design should be unisex
* Minimal color or black and white would be best as the shirt will probably be navy, grey, white, or black depending on the design
* I will need a vector version of the image as well as a normal image file (like a png or jpeg)
* We will only be accepting designs from students in Mechanical Engineering (we also discourage you from submitting someone else's design because we would not be able to credit them in any way)
Designs are due to me by Thursday, March 1st.


3)  Call for Pictures:  We are hoping to update our ME@ME board on the 3rd floor with new pictures of our entire ME community. :)
Please send us your favorite photos of yourself with a short caption/description (the captions are very important).  We'll except
*you with others in ME
*family photos
*you and your pets
The more pictures we can get, the better.


Have a exceptional weekend, everyone!


Apple at UC Berkeley

Apple is coming to UC Berkeley for a Networking Event on Tuesday, February 6 and we’ll have ~30 engineers from the business that are looking forward to meeting interested students! Please come by the Garbarini Lounge in Bechtel Engineering Center between 10:00am-3:00pm and register via the link in the attached flyer, we hope to see you there!

ASCE Spring Civil & Environmental Engineering Career Fair

ASCE Spring Civil and Environmental Engineering Career FairTuesday, February 13, 4-7pm, Pauley Ballroom. Students are welcome to bring their resumes and come out to our annual spring career fair! There will be many companies looking to recruit interns and full time workers in ALL fields of civil and environmental engineering, including construction, consulting, design and more! Tickets will be FREE for all ASCE members, $10 pre-sale for non-members, and $15 at the door. If you are an MS student in the CEE department, your tickets are FREE! Tickets for undergrads will be sold in Davis Hall the week before the fair, February 5th through 9th, next to the third floor computer lab. For any questions, please send an email

Research Assistant Needed

Research Assistant: R/Matlab expert for Sahel precipitation trends analysis. We are looking for a research assistant with excellent Matlab and/or R skills to work on data-driven analyses of environmental systems. The work will include data acquisition, pre-processing, and management; development and implementation of data processing pipelines; and exploratory data analysis. Advanced experience with programming required, R/Matlab preferred. Ideal candidate will be able to commit at least 8 hours per week. Paid position. Email cover letter and resume to Mollie Van Gordon for more information.

Researchers Needed: Deep Reinforcement Learning For Mobile Navigation
We are looking for an undergraduate researcher to develop a ground robot learning platform to be used with deep reinforcement learning algorithms (https://github.com/gkahn13/gcg). The end goal of this project is to have the ground robot autonomously learning and navigating in a large outdoor environment.
Minimum qualifications:
- self-motivated, hardworking, and takes initiative
- EECS/CS/ME major
- must be able to participate this summer (full-time) and fall (15+ hours per week)
- Python (e.g., CS61A) experience
Excellent additional qualifications:
- GPA of 3.7 or above
- experience with robots, microcontrollers, 3D printing
- experience with ROS
- any of the following classes: EEC106A/B, EECS192B, ME102B

Our research is aimed at developing algorithms that allow robots and other autonomous agents to learn how to behave intelligently in complex environments. This research seeks to make fundamental advances in artificial intelligence by designing new deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms, conducting real-world experimental evaluations on state-of-the-art robotic platforms, and theoretical analysis. For examples of our recent work, see the following websites:
To apply, please email an unofficial transcript and CV to Gregory Kahn (gkahn@berkeley.edu)
Researchers Needed for Hybrid Ecologies Lab

The Hybrid Ecologies Lab, directed by Eric Paulos, is looking for outstanding undergraduate students to work with us on select research projects. Please check the website: http://www.hybrid-ecologies.org/participate/index (only viewable within UC Berkeley with CalNetID) for a list of research project opportunities and contact information.

Tech Soft 3D's Super Model Design Competition

Tech Soft 3D's Super Model Design Competition. We want YOUR best 3D assembly to be the poster model for Tech Soft 3D products! Send us your 3D CAD creation for a chance to win fame and one of three cash prizes. Models will be judged according to overall quality, model complexity and other desirable characteristics such as assembly structure, appropriately named parts and assemblies, assigned material, product manufacturing information (PMI) and additional metadata. Download the flyer for more information.

Google Internship for ME Students w/ ANSYS Experience

Mechanical Engineer
As a member of a fast-paced multi-disciplinary team, you use your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to explore solutions to a variety of engineering problems. As a Mechanical Engineer, you participate in the design, analysis, and prototyping of new concepts. You work in a manufacturing and product oriented development environment and collaborate with vendors and outside sources in order to see parts through to manufacture.

Minimum qualifications:
  • Currently enrolled in a full-time Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related technical field, returning to BA/BS program or enrolled in another full-time degree program after completion of the internship.
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: Hardware System Integration, Signal and Power Integrity, RF System Validation, Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Communications, Product Design.
  • Authorization to work in the United States.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Currently pursuing a Master's or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field with an expected graduation date in 2018.
  • Previous tech internships or demonstrated work experience (i.e. research assistant, teaching assistant, personal projects outside the classroom, etc.) in Hardware, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.
Electrical Engineering Lead Needed

Full-Time/ Part-Time


BeeFlow develops smart and strong bees for crop pollination. We launched in 2016 in Argentina and to date, has achieved remarkable results in Almond, Blueberry, Apple, and Kiwifruit fields.

With our technologies, farmers have increased up to 90% crop yields while substantially reducing bee population decline. By enhancing bees’ immune systems and studying how their learning process is, we’re teaching bees to be more efficient while pollinating specifically targeted crops.


BeeFlow has recently arrived in the US and is participating in IndieBio’s winter accelerator program. We are looking for a Technology Lead that wants to generate a huge impact on sustainable food production by developing hardware to monitor bee pollination efficiency.


Job Description
● Develop technology to track bee flights patterns (RFIDs, harmonic radars, etc.).
● Track bees’ visitation frequency: the amount of bee visits each flower gets over a
period of time (cameras, sensors, mics, etc.).
● Improve BeeFlow’s efficiency while monitoring the interaction between bees and
flowers and bees’ activity within beehives under different nutrition products.


More info. at https://indiebio.co/jobs-postings/electrical-engineering-intern/

Engineer Needed in Oakland



44 Energy Technologies, located in West Oakland, 3 miles from campus is hiring.  Looking for a talented engineer to join team.  This exciting job entails operating high tech emissions measurement equipment and performing analysis to study tailpipe emissions from gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

SMV Is Recruiting!
Interested in carbon fiber and/or composites? Cal Super Mileage Vehicle Team (Cal SMV) is recruiting members for it's chassis/composites team to work on the carbon fiber monocoque for their latest vehicle, Lux.
If you want to learn all about carbon fiber, read on! We are building a battery-powered electric vehicle with a carbon fiber monocoque body/chassis. We designed and fabricated our molds at Jacobs Hall and at our shop at the Richmond Field Station, and are about to start carbon fiber layups soon. This is an opportunity to immediately get your hands dirty in the process of building a carbon fiber electric car for competition in April 2018. You will learn:
- how to fabricate a mold using CNC router
- how to assemble and prep a mold for carbon fiber lay-ups
- Vacuum Infusion Process (currently state-of-the-art in composites work)
- anything else about the design, fabrication, and assembly of the car that interests you
Must have availability on Sundays and preferably at least one day during the week to work at our shop out in Richmond (transportation provided). If interested, please fill out the interest form and attend the infosession (time & location TBA): https://goo.gl/forms/jv40Qo2iuDGzdLXU2
Palentine's Day!

HKN, SWE, TBP, and FEMTech Welcome you to our first ever Pal-entine's day event!

We'll be running a round robin meet and greet with snacks and drinks, where you can get to know people outside of class in a no-stress environment. We'll help break the ice with some fun and silly questions as well as spend some time just hanging out in the Woz.

Meet in the Woz starting at 8:00pm!

Facebook Link

3DMC General Meeting

Interested in tinkering with 3D printers, developing business skills, or learning design? We are UC Berkeley's 3D modeling and printing club and a part of b.Makerspace, a student-run makerspace here on campus.  We meet this Friday, 4-5pm in Moffit's First Floor Instructional Lab. Come for more information about what we do: from our printing service to creating our own 3D printer!  No experience necessary, no applications to get in, we hold workshops for both 3D printing and modeling! 3DMC is a community of people who are interested in all things 3D, from beginners to experts.

Facebook Page (Follow for events and other cool things!)

Next Generation Electrochemistry (NGenE)

2018 Program: June 4 - 8, 2018

The 2018 Edition of NGenE will explore the theme “Electrochemistry in Motion.” Electrochemistry is most valuable when electrical currents or valuable products can be generated. Control of these processes demands creating “movies” of the underlying reactions as they happen. This goal motivates most of the research in electrochemical technologies today. NGenE will explore the theme from multiple research angles. Faculty will present both our current gaps in mechanistic understanding of important electrochemical processes, and emerging strategies to add detail to the “movies," in the highest possible chemical, temporal and spatial definition. They will lay out a series of critical unresolved questions that must become the priority of the next generation of electrochemists, motivating their importance through experience and future societal needs. Emerging techniques to probe and model electrochemical phenomena will naturally become a focus of the lectures. Faculty and students will actively seek to frame their thoughts through the following questions:


  1. What are the most important unsolved issues in our understanding of electrochemistry?
  2. What do we know today and how do we know it- from experiment, from simulation, from intuition, from speculation?
  3. What do we want to know but do not know, and how we would go about finding it out – from next-generation experiment, simulation, or a synergy of the two?
  4. What our current hypotheses of the phenomena that remain obscure, based on intuition or experience?


To Apply


There is no program fee to participate in NGenE, and travel and lodging support is available to everyone participating. For more details on this support, please contact Thomas Alaan at talaan@uic.edu.

Participants must apply and be accepted into NGenE to participate. The online application, found here, requires 1) a LinkedIn profile, 2) two essays, 3) supporting documents demonstrating research in frontier electrochemistry, 4) contact info for your supervising instructor, and 5) a resume or CV. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Flyer:  https://goo.gl/abF1Ji

Learn Entrepreneurship / Study Abroad In Portugal This Summer

Join  Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe, Portugal for an intensive, fast-paced learning experience, where you will learn from venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, executives from Silicon Valley companies, and experts from across the globe.


Berkeley students spend the first week in Porto, Portugal for a series of challenges, leadership training, and team formation built on the foundations of the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship. Afterwards, you will travel to Cascais to collaborate with over 60 mentors and 400 students from all over the world.  Don't miss your chance to hear from highly successful entrepreneurs and gain invaluable insight into starting your own company. Whether you’re a seasoned student entrepreneur or have barely heard of Silicon Valley, this program gives you an incredible opportunity to explore your passion and potential within the startup scene and the world of business.


Program Dates: July 8th – August 4th, 2018

The program is English so there is no language prerequisite.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students from All Majors accepted.

For details visit: http://scet.berkeley.edu/summer-abroad/

To apply visit - http://studyabroad.berkeley.edu/program/summerabroad/portugal

Space is limited and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


​Students that participate in this program automaticaly receive the SCET's Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology. ​

For questions Contact - d.vivo@berkley.edu


Info Session 1 - Wednesday, February 7th - 6 pm @ the SCET offices in the Memorial Stadium.

RSVP at the Facebook Event


Info Session 2 - Thursday, February 22nd - 6 pm @  the SCET offices in the Memorial Stadium.

RSVP at the Facebook Event

The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovation Program

The Fung Fellowship is a unique opportunity for rising juniors to participate in an interdisciplinary fellowship experience at the intersection of public health, design, and digital technology. Students from ALL majors work in teams to create innovative health and wellness solutions to address real-world challenges alongside our community and industry partners. Fung Fellows utilize the iterative human-centered design process, public health principles, and emerging technology, such as VR, AI, machine learning, and blockchain.


As a Fung Fellow you will:

  • Explore the Health + Tech space

  • Experience the design process from prototype to product

  • Embed in communities to co-create with them

  • Establish yourself as a young leader in an emerging field


Selected Fung Fellows attend a 3-unit course each semester, are supported in a summer internship, and have the opportunity to apply to a second year honors program.


Required Qualifications:

  • Registered student at UC Berkeley

  • Rising Junior with a passion for health, wellness, social impact, design, and/or technology


Find out more at our Info Sessions:

  • Tuesday, January 23rd at 4:00pm

  • Friday, January 26th at 12:00pm

  • Sign up and learn more about the FF Info Session here


How to Apply:

  1. Learn more about the program at: https://fungfellows.berkeley.edu/

  2. Sign up for an info session to find out more about our program

  3. Please apply by completing this online application form.

  4. Deadline to apply: February 1st, 2018 5:00pm PST. We will begin interviewing candidates on a rolling basis.

Texas BME Cancer REU

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Biomedical Engineering Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is now accepting applications for the 2018 summer program. Dates are June 1–August 10, 2018.

Application Deadline: February 26, 2018

The BME Community of Undergraduate Research Scholars for Cancer program, or BME CUReS Cancer, is an innovative REU partnering with Texas based-philanthropic organization Texas 4000. Texas 4000’s mission is to cultivate student leaders and engage communities in the fight against cancer. The summer scholars will work on projects with a team of faculty mentors that address key challenges in cancer research, while forging a connection with the local cancer-fighting community.

The BME CUReS Cancer Scholars will be paid a stipend of $5000 for the 10-week period. Additionally, scholars whose abstracts are accepted to the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society in Atlanta, Georgia next October will receive $650 to support their travel and presentation of their summer research.

CITRIS Foundry Fellowship

Become a CITRIS Foundry Fellow and work with founders on technology that matters.


Foundry Fellows are a select group of UC Berkeley Engineering and MBA students who work with founders at CITRIS Foundry, the deep technology startup accelerator based at UC Berkeley.  Join us for a meet and greet with our founders on Monday, Feb. 12th from 5-7 PM in the new CITRIS Foundry Entrepreneurship Hub in Sutardja Dai Hall. Register here. Project descriptions are posted here.  Applications for spring 2018 are due at 11:59 PM on Thursday, Feb. 15th. Apply here.

MPhil Program in Technology Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

This is an elite graduate program specifically designed for nurturing future entrepreneurs with full scholarship. We are actively looking for outstanding students with Science or Engineering background and strong interest in starting a business or becoming an intrapreneur in corporations in the future.  Do share this information with your colleagues or friends who may be interested. Closing Date for Application: March 1, 2018 [Early applications will have a better chance of acceptance] For more details, please see the attached flyer or visit our website at: http://tle.seng.ust.hk/

Last Chance for Maker Pass

As we approach capacity, Maker Pass general registration for the spring semester will close at 5pm on Friday, February 23. A Maker Pass grants semesterly equipment access and training for the CITRIS Invention Lab and Jacobs Hall’s makerspace and labs. If you are interested in getting a spring Maker Pass, please visit makerpass.jacobshall.org.


After February 23, students taking courses held in Jacobs Hall studios 210, 220, and 310 (including DeCals) may still obtain a Maker Pass by proceeding directly to steps 2 and 3 on makerpass.jacobshall.org. Sponsored research users may also continue to register after this date; a registration form for research users will be posted on the Maker Pass page after February 23. Please note that Research Maker Passes are payable by departmental chartstring only.


If you have any questions, please contact jacobsinstitute@berkeley.edu.