ME Announcements for New Students F17


Welcome to all of our new undergraduate students in MechE!  Below you'll find some basic information that the department wishes you to know. 


Also, because I like to occassionally send random things to my students in my announcements, have y'all read the document from the Google employee regarding diversity?  What did you think about it?  I think this was, by far, my favorite response:  :)



-Shareena Samson, Ugrad Adviser

Shareena Samson Office Hours & Appointments

I'm Shareena and I'm the departmental ugrad adviser for MechE.  I work on the 6th floor of Etcheverry Hall and I can help you all sorts of questions.  Generally speaking, ESS/College Advisers and I work together to give you academic guidance.  My specialty is, of course, departmental in nature, but I will try and help you with anything you need.


Here are my normal office hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  9am-noon & 1-4pm

Thursdays:  1-4pm

Where:  6193 Etcheverry Hall


Special:  From Monday, August 14th through Thursday, August 31st I will be available by appointment for new students from 1pm-6pm every weekday.  If you would like to set up 30 minute appointment with me, please email me at with some time options during the 1pm-6pm block.  It would be great if you could arrange an appointment with me in advance so that I can avoid long lines at my door.  :)


Thanks!  I look forward to meeting you!

Student Academic Calendar
Student Code of Conduct

Mechanical Engineering has a zero-tolerance policy in regards to harassment or discriminatory behavior.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that every student on the UC Berkeley campus is required to adhere to the Code of Conduct which can be found at


Campus Computer Use Policy

You can find the Campus Computer Use Policy at

UC Berkeley Safety Information

UCB Safety Information can be found here:


Night Safety Tips can be found here:


General topics on safety (including bike safety) can be found here:

Free Software for UC Berkeley
Computer Requirements

Our technical staff prefer PCs rather than MACS. Most departmental software only runs on PCs because there are no MAC equivalent. However, there are software tools that allow a MAC to dual boot and run PC software. MACs also support Virtual Machine PCs (VM PCs), however our report on such setup is that it's problematic and may cause performance issues. Any PCs with a minimum of Intel Core i3 CPU and up (and it's AMD equivalent) should suffice. Regarding RAM, 4Gb should suffice - 8Gb would be better. Anything beyond that may not be particularly helpful for our purposes.

Calculator Requirements

Please note that, according to Department policy, the only type of calculators that are allowed during undergraduate examinations are simple models such as the TI-30XS or TI-83/84 Plus. This policy, in place for several years now, was implemented to help ensure a level playing field for all students during exams.

MechE Faculty Advisers

MechE Faculty Advisers assignments will be released in mid-September.