Micro and Nano Engineering

Faculty in the area of Micro Nano Engineering conduct fundamental and industry-relevant, interdisciplinary research on micro- and nano-scale sensors,moving mechanical elements, microfluidics, materials, processes & systems that take advantage of progress made in integrated-circuit, bio, and polymer technologies with emphases on basic sciences such as heat transfer, fluidics, optics, quantum mechanics, dynamics and control.


The micro and nano research performed in the department is wide ranging and includes work utilizing micro/nano fabrication technologies and phenomena to energy generation and storage systems (solar cells, supercapacitors, batteries), sensing and control systems, bio-medical devices and metamaterials. We encourage you to look at the websites listed below for additional information. The sites include those dedicated to the research groups working on Micro Nano Engineering at Berkeley as well as the homepages of faculty who have active research programs.


Dedicated websites:

Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center

Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Nanolithography

Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute


Primary faculty members in Micro and Nano Engineering:

C. Dames, C. Grigoropoulos, R. Horowitz, K. Komvopoulos, L. Lin, L. Sohn and X. Zhang