Green and Sustainable Technologies

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a wide range of research activities in the area of Green and Sustainable Technologies. Central to this research are the development of more environmentally conscious technologies and systems and the creation of sustainable technologies to innovate manufacturing products, processes and systems.


The research performed in the department is wide ranging and includes work on energy harvesting systems, fuel-efficient ocean vehicles, control systems for the heating of buildings, environmentally friendly designs and manufacturing systems, production technology for advanced energy systems and software tools for assessing sustainable design and production. We encourage you to look at the websites listed below for additional information. The sites include those dedicated to the research groups working on green and sustainable technologies as well as the homepages of faculty who have active research programs.


Dedicated websites:

Berkeley Energy and Sustainable Technologies
Berkeley Manufacturing Institute

Primary faculty members in Green and Sustainable Technologies:

Professors A. AgoginoP. S. Marcus, S. McMainsL. Pruitt, D. Steigmann, and T. Zohdi.