Energy Science and Technology

Energy related research in Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley encompasses a broad range of science and technology areas spanning a variety of applications that involve storage, transport, conversion, and use of energy. Specific areas of ongoing research include hydrogen energy systems, combustion of biofuels, pollution control in engines, development of next generation compression ignition engine technologies, radiation interaction with nanostructured surfaces, laser processing of materials, nanofabrication using lasers, combustion in microgravity environments, development of nanostructured thermoelectric materials, concentrating photovoltaic solar power, solar thermal combined heat and power systems, energy efficiency and sustainability of data centers, waste energy recovery, high performance thermal management systems for electronics, and ocean energy technologies. Research in these areas ranges from fundamental research, that aims to understand and/or model critically important processes and mechanisms, to applied research that explores new energy technology concepts at the application level.


The Major Field Advisors for each research area are listed here.


Core Faculty

Van P. Carey


Jyh-Yuan Chen


Chris Dames


Robert Dibble


Carlos Fernandez-

Michael Frenklach

Ralph Greif

Costas Grigoropoulos


Boris Rubinsky

Xiang Zhang


Dedicated Websites

Combustion Analysis Lab

Combustion and Fire Processes Lab

Combustion Modeling Lab

Energy and Multiphase Transport Lab

Computational Marine Mechanics Lab