George Johnson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

6149 Etcheverry Hall, Mailstop 1740
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740
(510) 642-3371



Biography and CV

Professor Johnson's research can be broadly categorized as materials characterization at the intersection of mechanical engineering and materials science. The thrust of his effort is to under-stand macroscopic material behavior in terms of its microstructure and to develop material models that accurately capture the response of a wide range of materials. His recent work falls into four areas: 1) microscopic modeling of failure modes in brittle materials, 2) understanding the failure of materials under impact loading, 3) developing macroscopic material models for the large-deformation response of metals, and 4) application of X-ray tomography with micron-level resolution to visualize the growth of damage in structural materials. Professor Johnson is also currently the Chair of the Board on Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS), a committee of the systemwide Academic Senate for the University of California.


Elasticity/plasticity, acoustoelasticity, instrumentation, materials behavior, materials characterization, sensors, texture analysis, thin shells deformation, ultrasonic stress analysis, x-rays.