ME 102B - Inventors Open House

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 3:00pm
Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, Studio 310
ME 102B Students

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


Please join us this Friday, December 1st from 3 - 5 PM in Studio 310 @ Jacobs Hall for the ME 102B - Inventors Open House! Check out the projects our seniors have been working hard on and talk shop with others in the design community.


ME102B is a course that introduces students to design and design techniques of mechatronic systems, while providing the experience of working in a team to design a prototype mechatronics device. Students also learn the guidelines to and gain experience with:

> design of a variety of sensors and actuators

programming microcomputers and various IO devices

> synthesis of mechanical power transfer components

> the role of dynamics and kinematics of robotic devices in design of mechatronics systems

> sythesis of feedback systems


We hope to see you there!