Undergraduate Announcement 11/3/17


1)  Regarding taking graduate courses for tech credit:

-MechE Students will not be able to use ME C205  or NWMEDIA C203 for tech elective credit.

-MechE Students will not be able to use any graduate course roomshare for Des Inv 190 for tech elective credit.  Also we will not be allowing ugrads into the graduate section of these types of courses.  Please note that Des Inv 190E can be used.

-It is always best practice to ask if the department will accept any given graduate course (outside of the department) before enrolling.  Please note that crosslists are thought of very differently at the graduate level then how we think of them at the ugrad level.

-Ugrads who would like to take a MechE grad course must email me.  If you meet our criteria, you are put into a queue until (at least) the end of the 2nd week of classes.  If there is still room in the course at this time, that's when ugrads are added.  Getting into a graduate course in MechE is never guaranteed.


2)  Please join us for our second AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with some of our FABULOUS MechE Technical Staff (Scott McCormick, Dennis Lee, Jesse Lopez, Jacob Gallego, Brien Angelo, & Jeff Higginbotham)
Date:  Wednesday, 11/8
Time:  1pm-2:30pm
Location:  3110 Etcheverry Hall
Snacks will be provided by ASME.
This is great opportunity to ask these individuals everything you want to know about how they got to MechE, what they do in their spare time, their favorite student projects and more!


3)  Some of our documents still listed Math 128A as a MechE-sponsored technical elective course, but it is now considered non-MechE-sponsored.  We have made corrections to those documents.

Enjoy the fall weather this weekend!





BioMechanics Internship

The Taylor Collaboration, a nonprofit biomechanics lab in San Francisco, is actively recruiting students for two internship programs. See flyer for more details. 


Co-Op Opportunity - BioE Related

The Mechanical Circulatory Support division of Abbott (formerly St Jude Medical) in Pleasanton, CA is the world leader at implant heart pump technology for advanced heart failure patients. They have a co-op opening for undergraduate (Junior/Senior standing) students in biomedical/mechanical/industrial engineering major. The duration is from January to June/August, 2018. Resumes shall be emailed to James Li.

Research Position - 3D Printing Related

Immediate Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Reconstructing the human brain microvasculature in vitro
The research areas for the project:
3D printing
Design a robust platform for 3D culturing brain microvasculature


Description of the position:
A predominant unsolved challenge in tissue engineering is the need of a robust technique for producing vascular networks, particularly when modeling human brain tissue. The availability of reliable in vitro human brain microvasculature models would advance our understanding of its function and would provide a platform for high-throughput drug screening. I am looking for an enthusiastic and motivated undergrad student(s) to help me achieve my goal of launching innovative new technology for mimicking human-like brain capillary in vitro. The focus of the research for undergraduate student will be design and developing a robust platform to automate the process of Hydrogel injection.


Student's Role:
• Prototyping and testing the platform
• 3D printing
• Collecting and documenting data.


Technical Requirements:
• Demonstrated research ability and hands-on experience with CAD/Solidworks designs.
• Strong ability to think about/design/print and troubleshoot the prototypes.
• Have access to Jacob Hall 3D printers
• Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


The Lab Name/Location:
• Design for Nano manufacturing Group
• PI: Professor Hayden Taylor (Mechanical Engineering Department)


Contact person: Yasaman Daghighi (Yasaman.Daghighi@Berkeley.edu)

Please e-mail me your resume and your available starting date. (an Undergraduate student is immediately needed with the possibility of extending the research for next term as a credit).

Big Ideas at Berkeley
There is less than a month until the pre-proposal application deadline (due Nov. 15!). ​​Big Ideas' unique approach supports a diverse portfolio of innovators and social ventures at UC Berkeley​ (over 5000 students & 1400 ventures to date!)

Big Ideas is multidisciplinary​, ​​however Engineering majors accounted for about 25% of all applicants last year.  The contest challenges students to step outside of their traditional university-based academic work, take a risk and use their education, passion, and skills to work on problems important to them.  This year ​Big Ideas h​as​ eight categories, and offer​s​ up to $300,000 in prizes. Big Ideas highly encourages students​in COE ​to take advantage of this opportunity and apply some of their coursework to real social challenges! 




Prizes and Honors program 2017-18

The Prizes Program at UC Berkeley (prizes@berkeley.edu) is an important forum for rewarding creative expression and scholarly achievement by Berkeley's finest students. Winners receive both recognition and a cash prize, which is coordinated with the winner's financial aid package. Prize competitions are open to students of any major. Successful, even prominent, artists and poets in our society found that winning an award at Berkeley was a pivotal experience in their artistic careers. Prizes are administered under the direction of the Academic Senate Committee on Prizes. Copies of the essays and poetry submissions chosen to receive prizes are archived at the Bancroft Library at the end of each year.


For more information, please see http://financialaid.berkeley.edu/prizes-and-honors

2017 ​Winter ​Commencement Information

Sunday, December ​17, 201​7

1​0:30​ a.m.
Haas Pavilion


Student must sign up online by November ​20th to be listed in the​ ​printed program.  Tickets sales online ​are now open.


For details, visit:​ ​

Excellence in Advising Nominations - Please submit your nominations!

Today (11/3) is the last day to nominate your most impactful advisers on campus.  Awards recognize advising excellence and creativity consistent with the Berkeley vision for advising in that they promote student learning, performance, achievement, engagement, inclusivity, growth, discovery, wellness, progress and success.  More information on selection criteria and submission guidelines can be found at the Excellence in Advising Awards Page at the Advising Matters website.