ME Students Vote to Recognize ME Professors Alam, Dames & Szeri with First Annual ME Excellence in Teaching & Mentoring Awards

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A note from Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Roberto Horowitz:


Dear Department of Mechanical Engineering Community,


I am delighted to announce the first recipients of a set of newly instituted awards to promote excellence in teaching and mentoring in our Department. There are three awards, one for undergraduate teaching, one for teaching graduate-level courses, and one for mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students. 


Nominations were solicited for the Spring and Fall Semesters of 2016 from current students and recent alumni. The Department's Faculty Awards Committee, in consultation with the Vice Chair for Instruction, then made its recommendations to me. The awardees for 2016 are:


Professor Andrew Szeri

Excellence in Student Mentoring Award

Professor Chris Dames

Excellence in the Instruction of Undergraduate-Level Courses Award

Professor Reza Alam

Excellence in the Instruction of Graduate-Level Courses Award


Please join me in congratulating our colleagues.


I want to express my sincerest appreciation to the students and alumni that took the time to nominate faculty for these awards and to the award selection committee.