TUNE IN: ME Grad Students Give Whirlwind of TV & Radio Interviews After Their Shoelace Research Goes Viral

Friday, April 14, 2017

ME graduate students Christopher Daily-Diamond and Christine Gregg have had a pretty busy week (or being that they are grad students, perhaps we should say a BUSIER week!). Their research, conducted alongside ME Professor Oliver O'Reilly in the Dynamics Lab, on why shoelaces come untied, has piqued interest around the world after being published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A earlier this week. Daily-Diamond and Gregg have temporarily set down the laces and picked up the microphone, participating in several TV and radio interviews from across the globe. Check out some of their interviews below, and take a look at what is coming up!



> Australian Broadcasting Company - Radio National

Gregg gives fascinating interview while speaking with senior journalist Patricia Karvelas on her show, RN Drive.


> KGO Radio (Clip 1 & Clip 2)

Daily-Diamond explains how their research got started, and where it could go from here.


> KCBS Radio

Spend your Sunday with Daily-Diamond and afternoon news anchor Jeff Bell on April 16th!


> National Public Radio (NPR)

Daily-Diamond and Gregg untangle the shoelace mystery on NPR's Morning Edition on KQED!


> Science Friday

You can also view the live Twitter feed from the show HERE!



> ABC 7 Now

Emmy award-winning reporter Wayne Freedman visits the Dynamics Lab to talk shoelaces with Daily-Diamond, Gregg and O'Reilly.