Undergraduate Announcement 1/27/17


1)  Just as a reminder, if you would like to sign up for independent study credit (ME 199, H194, & 196), please send all requests via email by 1/31.  Please copy your faculty sponsors.


2)  If you are planning to request any accommodations from instructors this semester (DSP, religious observance, etc.), please do so as early in the semester as possible so that instructors may plan accordingly.


3)  Just as a reminder, MechE requires students to adhere to the Academic Honor Code and the Student Code of Conduct.  Also, the department has a no tolerance policy for harassment & discrimination of any sort.  If you have any concerns that you would like to bring to the department's attention, please see either myself (Shareena) or Prof. Carey.


Have a good weekend, folks!


EnableTech Info Session & Workshop - Tuesday

EnableTech Info Session and Workshop Tuesday January 31st at 5:30 pm in 220 Jacobs Hall.


Come learn about our club, have some pizza and engage with new and old members in a simple workshop on how to use an arduino to read EMG muscle signals to control simple outputs.


EnableTech is a project-based student organization at UC Berkeley which provides space, materials, technical advice, and design guidance to students interested in building assistive technologies to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the Berkeley community and world at large.


We believe that collaborating with need-knowers, who either have a disability or are very familiar with a disability, is necessary to come up with innovative solutions that are actually useful. Therefore, we prioritize projects with need-knowers who are available to work closely in the student groups and provide feedback throughout the semester on projects that will directly have a positive impact on their lives and many others experiencing similar challenges.

EnableTech Presents: TOM:Berkeley 2017, The Makeathon that makes a difference.

EnableTech Presents: TOM:Berkeley 2017, The Makeathon that makes a difference.


EnableTech, with the support of the Jacobs Institute, will be hosting the first of 11 TOM Makeathons being held on university campuses this year in North America. Join us for 72 hours of making for social impact. Tikkun Olam Makers, better known as TOM, is a global community of makers helping people with disabilities (aka - 'Need Knowers') develop custom, open-source technological solutions for personal challenges. Need Knowers from the campus community present a task they find difficult/impossible and a technical team of students and mentors will join them in creating an assistive technology to address this challenge. By creating one solution here, through TOM’s global network it can be shared to reach those with similar needs around the world.   


Join us March 17-19th for this exciting and impactful TOM Makeathon. The experience of working together to directly address immediate challenges has such apparent impact it is hard not to be enthusiastic.   




Maker Application:



Need Knower/Challenge application: http://mms.tomglobal.org/challenges/5884d48aea7b952d041fec67/create


Website and Facebook event for more details




Or email us at enabletechberkeley@gmail.com

Summer Abroad opportunities in Engineering and more

Greetings Mechanical Engineering students!


Earn 8 units in 4 weeks while studying abroad this summer!


  • Open to all UCB students (freshman through graduating seniors)
  • UCB summer financial aid applies
  • UC Davis courses, led by UC Davis faculty
  • Courses taught in English

Note: UC Berkeley students can request a ninth unit of 199 credit to qualify for financial aid.


Create an online interest profile to receive email updates about programs that interest you (it only takes a minute!). We have 38 faculty-led programs in 25 countries scheduled for summer 2017!


We’ve highlighted several programs below that may interest you.


Iceland, Thermodynamics in the Land of Fire and Ice
Courses: Engineering (ENG) 105 Thermodynamics & 198 Directed Group Study 

What better way to study thermodynamics than in a country with such dynamic geology? From the geothermal heating to thundering waterfalls, you will see Iceland in all its intrigue.


Japan, Sustainability of the Built Environment
Courses: Engineering (ENG) 35. Statics & Environmental & Civil Engineering 198 Group Study 

Learn the principles of design for sustainability and their applications within the built environment of dynamic downtown Tokyo.



Or satisfy upper division GE credit with many of our other programs in history, the arts, literature, the sciences and more! https://studyabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/summerabroad/index.html


Participating on a summer abroad program will not only have an incredible impact on you academically and personally, but also allow you to incorporate your international experience in your professional career. 


Let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!  summerabroad@ucdavis.edu

Rehabilitation Engineering at Cleveland State University
Rehabilitation Engineering at Cleveland State University
A Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates
June 4 – August 11, 2017
If you are an undergraduate student interested in creating and using technology to transform the lives of people with disabilities, this program is for you. This is an opportunity to explore a career path that is meaningful and significant and touches lives. We are looking for students at all undergraduate levels majoring in engineering, computer science, or a related area.
You will be immersed in a community of undergraduate researchers, graduate students, engineering mentors, health care professionals, and, most importantly, people with disabilities. Together you will work on research projects to restore movement to people with paralyzed arms, develop new prosthetic legs, help improve balance in older adults, and explore the mechanics of injured joints. For ten weeks during the summer you will live at Cleveland State University and work in research labs at CSU and in hospitals in Cleveland.
Benefits include:
  • personal interaction with people with disabilities
  • participation in cutting edge rehabilitation research
  • membership in a supporting research community
  • one on one mentoring
  • help preparing for graduate school applications or a job search
  • opportunity to travel to and present your research at an academic conference
  • $5000 stipend
  • free room and meal plan
  • free travel to and from Cleveland
For more details please visit
To apply for the program please visit
Robotics For Good
In collaboration with non-profit partners The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) and Program Your Future (PUF), Robotics@Berkeley is hosting a three-month long robotics competition in Spring 2017 to bring Berkeley undergraduates meaningful opportunities to design and prototype robotics solutions for underserved communities. Interested students can apply to take on ROMP's robotic prosthetics challenge or PUF's robotics education game challenge. 
Selected teams will be fully funded by Robotics@Berkeley’s sponsors, will be able to use R@B’s tools, parts, and spaces, and will have numerous opportunities to work directly with representatives from the non-profit partners, potential users, and graduate student mentors. The winning design for both challenges will be implemented by our partners in the communities they serve beginning in summer 2017.


Competition Details

Webpage: rab.berkeley.edu/roboticsforgood

Infosession: January 26th, 8pm at Wozniak Lounge (RSVP)

Application Deadline: February 3rd, 11:59pm

Questions? Contact leadership@rab.berkeley.edu

Be A Scientist: Inspire 7th graders to discover their inner scientist!

Be A Scientist: Inspire 7th graders to discover their inner scientist!



We invite UC Berkeley graduate students, post-docs, and motivated 3rd/4th year undergrads to take part in Be A Scientist, an exciting science outreach program in Berkeley middle schools! The upcoming semester is as follows:


- Session 3 - King Middle School, February 9th - March 24th, with 90 minute sessions and one gap week (February 16/17). On Thursdays/Fridays.

- Session 4 - Longfellow Middle School, March 1st - April 18th, with 48 minute sessions and two gap weeks (March 28/April 4). On Tuesdays.

 As a volunteer scientist mentoryou will guide 7th graders through the process of designing and conducting their own scientific investigations in class over a 6-week period. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to serve as a STEM role model while developing your communication skills and gaining hands-on experience in important science outreach.



  • Mentors must commit to one mandatory 2-hr Training SessionOn-campus trainings are offered in the two-weeks before the start of each session. Training dates for Session 3 at King Middle School are as follows:

-   2063 Valley Life Sciences Building

- Monday 1/30     3pm - 5pm     2063 Valley Life Sciences Building
- Thursday 2/2     2pm - 4pm     2063 Valley Life Sciences Building
  • Commit to attend one school lab period each week for the 6-week program (schedule program dates here and attached flyer).
  • Guide 4-7 student mentees through the process of developing a testable question, designing an appropriate experiment, and gathering and analyzing data. Each student in your group will have the opportunity to choose an independent scientific question based on their own interests.



Please carefully read over the details provided in the attached flyer and on our website. Sign up as a mentor to make an impact on future scientists, engineers, and critical thinkers!


To learn more, visit: www.crscience.org/volunteers/BeAScientist

Questions? Contact Darlene at BASprogram@crscience.org!

Internship Opportunities at Haas F1
iD Tech Will Be @ UCB on Jan. 31!




iD Tech Infosession - 6:30PM, 1/31/17 at 240 Bechtel


This summer, iD Tech will hire over 1,600 instructors and staff from across the world to show students, ages 6 to 18, firsthand how their interests in technology can turn into fun learning experiences.


We’re looking for energetic, tech-savvy, summer staff who understand the need for quality technology education for young students. Instructors teach coding, game design, robotics, arduino, 3-D printing, modeling and animation, website design, film, photography, cyber security, virtual reality and more! So why not spend your summer instructing, mentoring, and building your resume in one of our amazing programs?

Learn more about the opportunities at iD Tech at the infosession next Tuesday, January 31st, 6:30 PM in 240 Bechtel. Food provided!

Take the first step to a great summer!



Great opportunity at AMAT for graduating students



Accelerate the spirit of innovation through a multi-dimensional view of the company in a structured way, providing a support system to leverage for many years. Applied Materials offers a 7-month classroom and hands-on training program that includes exposure to various technical areas, business units and unique ability to experience the culture of the company before full-time placement. Participants will join a network of peers and managers in an environment specifically created to enhance professional success. 
Please send resumes to http://www.appliedmaterials.com/company/careers as soon as possible.
Questions? Email  Carolyn_Austin@amat.com with your resume.
Mechanical Engineering Student Projects at MindSumo

Dear Students,

Please review the latest mechanical engineering projects from MindSumo. MindSumo partners with employers to create projects that you can complete to get work experience, win prizes, and be hired for jobs and internships. Questions can be directed to aaron@mindsumo.com

Simplify construction telematics installations - $1,600 in prizes

How can we integrate "electrical" to our cabinet manufacturing process? - $1,600 in prizes

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