ME PhD Student Dongchi Yu Wins SNAME-2016 Graduate Paper Honor Prize

Thursday, December 22, 2016

ME PhD student in Ocean Engineering, Dongchi Yu, presented a paper at the NorCal-SNAME Professsional Meeting (March 16, 2016) on his recent research on "Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Wave-Resistance Reduction of Asymmetric Di-Hull Systems by Exploiting Interference Effects". The study concerns validating a theory that allows the ship designer to rapidly optimize the stagger and separation of ship hulls so that wave drag can be reduced by as much as 25%. With this paper, Yu won the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers' (SNAME) Graduate Paper Honor Prize.  Yu, and also on behalf of his co-author Pierre Lecointre, accepted the award with a cash prize of $600 at the President's Award Luncheon. Yu is a PhD student in ME Professor Ronald W. Yeung's Berkeley Marine Mechancis Laboratory (BMML), and is researching a fast and reliable method for estimating drag perfromance of multi-hull systems.  Fuel consumption is of paramount concern as it is tied to Green-House Gas Emission.  Yu is also the elected vice-president of student organization: Cal-SNAME for 2016-17.


Congrats, Dongchi!