ME Minor Program


- The application is due the end of the 7th week of courses, the semester you plan to graduate.



- For admission to the minor program, a minimum overall grade-point average of 3.00, as well as a minimum of 3.00 grade-point average in the prerequisite courses for the minor, which are: Physics 7A, ME 40, ME C85 (CE 130 and Eng 36, as a set, can also be used), and ME 104.

- Upon admission to the minor, completion of a minimum of three (3) upper division technical courses in Mechanical Engineering (ME 104 does not count as one of the 3 as it is a prerequisite).

- A maximum of only one upper division course (numbered 100+) can be counted toward both the minor and major, though there are no restrictions of how many lower division courses overlap. Please note that ME 104 is counted as an upper division course for this purpose.

- A minimum overall GPA 3.0 and minimum of 3.0 GPA in the prerequisite courses for the minor are required to be considered for departmental acceptance.

- A minimum of 2.00 grade-point average in the minor courses at graduation.

- Completion of the minor cannot delay graduation.



- After completion of the prerequisite courses, students will need to complete and submit to the Undergraduate Office of Mechanical Engineering (Room 6195 Etcheverry) a Petition for Admission form.

- The department will verify the completion of the minor and send the paperwork to the appropriate parties after final grades are available.

- A notation in the memorandum section of the student's transcript will indicate completion of the minor if it is approved by above parties.