Undergraduate Announcements 4/29/16



1)  Please be sure to join us at the ME 102B Showcase this afternoon!

310 Jacobs Hall/ Etcheverry-Soda Breezeway  |  2pm-4pm


2)  Clarification on E45:  If you wish to take E45 solely as a undergraduate tech elective for ME, you are not required to enroll in E45L.


3)  ME-Affiliated Student Groups who are requesting financial support from the ME Department should please complete the attached form and email it to me no later than Friday, May 13th.


4)  Please join us for our ME Town Hall on Monday!

3110 Etcheverry Hall |  5pm-7pm

There will be pizza!


5)  Congratulations to KEVIN KORNER, the ME Departmental Citation Winner!


Happy Last Day of Instruction!  Have a productive RRR week!






Graduates! Pick up your Commencement Tickets before 2pm today!

If you are registered for Commencement, please pick up your tickets by 2pm today at 230 Bechtel Hall.

Engineering Library - Extended RRR/Finals Hours

The Engineering Library will be piloting extended hours between RRR and Finals weeks this Spring semester as follows.

  • Friday, May 6: 9am-11pm
  • Saturday, May 7: 11am-11pm
  • Sunday, May 8: 11am-11pm

All services will be available during the extended hours, including laptop checkouts, circulation, and study room reservations. 

End-of-Semester Support for Final Papers

Take Your Final Papers to the Next Level!
Bolster your writing success this finals season with the SLC Writing Program




Drop-in Service
Through Friday 4/29/2016

Stop by the Vèvè Writing Lounge to receive focused feedback on specific aspects of your essay. Our attentive tutors are available M-F 10AM-5PM!


Appointment Service
Through Friday 5/6/2016

Make a 50-min appointment with a tutor in advance. Explore concrete tools to solidify your ideas and elevate your prose.


Writing Retreats

Drop by our retreats for a quiet, focused space to work on your papers, in the company of fellow writers!

Kicking Down the Final Stretch: Honors/Senior Thesis Writers Retreat

Tues. 4/26, 10AM-5PM, 160 Chávez  RSVP

Writing Toward the Finish Line: A Retreat for Students Working on Final Papers during RRR Week

Mon. 5/2 - Fri.5/6, 1-5PM, TBD Chávez  RSVP

Research Workshops

Join our last workshops of the semester! Gain strategies to transform your research findings into a compelling final paper.

Break Ground: Building the Paper You Envisioned

Mon. 4/25, 2-3:30PM, 110 Chávez  Mon. 5/2, 4-5PM, TBD Chávez || RSVP

Let Your Writing Sing: Realizing Your Vision Through Revision

Tues. 5/3, 1-2PM, TBD Chávez || Weds. 5/4, 4-5PM, TBD Chávez || RSVP

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship

$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA.



KQED is looking for some recent grads or alum for web series

KQED QUEST/ Science education is in the process of creating a new engineering web series on YouTube aimed at high school students. We are experimenting with some fun ideas to make our videos a little more “YouTube-y” and we are looking for some engineers that might be interested in participating. For example, one idea we’d like to try out is an “engineer vs. engineer” video. We are thinking of doing a head-to-head interview with two different types of engineers (like mechanical engineer vs electric engineer) where  we would ask them questions like who’s job is more important? What their jobs are like? Who has the better job? Who has the most fun at work? Who partied the most in college, who studied the most, who’s classes were harder, etc.  Similarly- we’re thinking of maybe doing some silly challenges where we ask engineers to tackle a problem— something like “Structural engineer vs software engineer” who makes the best taco— and ask engineers to approach making a taco like they would solve an engineering problem to kind of get at the difference between those two engineering disciplines.


So in conclusion, we’re looking for some engineers in the Bay Area that might be willing to be guinea pigs for this project and possibly to be a little goofy/ candid on camera to appeal to that teen audience. People who are interested can email me directly at lfarrar@kqed.org.

Jacobs showcase next week

On Wednesday, May 4, and Thursday, May 5, join the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation for a showcase of student work in Jacobs Hall. Featuring project displays and demos — along with conversation and refreshments — the showcase will be an opportunity to meet a diverse community of student makers, to explore design projects across disciplines, and to celebrate the completion of Jacobs Hall's first academic year. 

Over eight showcase sessions, students in 16 courses will present their work. All of these courses have taken place in Jacobs Hall this semester, making use of the building's flexible spaces for hands-on learning. With coursework spanning departments, design focuses, and experience levels, the showcase will highlight the diversity of the design innovation ecosystem at Jacobs Hall and at Berkeley. See the full schedule + RSVP.

NERDtopia Diversity STEM Research Conference

A Diversity STEM Research Conference for Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Monday, May 2, 9:30am-3pm, Brower Center.

It is time to get your NERD on at UC Berkeley at this exciting one-day event.  Throughout the day they are expecting 150 Student Researchers (Undergrads + Graduate Students), Faculty, PostDocs, Diversity STEM Campus Administrators, Staff, Scientist, Engineers, VIPs, Amazing Speakers, Corporate Representatives, and NERD Enthusiasts for NERDtopia. Talented students, inspiring speakers, delicious food catered by Platanos, and a wonderful venue to showcase the power of research and the value of diversity in these fields. Visit the website for the complete schedule of events and speakers. Great SWAG raffle, cool giveaways, and a selfie/photo contest! Questions about the event? Please feel free to contact via phone or text 510.778.5165 Cal NERDS Director Diana Lizarraga. Register online.