iMEGRAD Vol. II No. 42 (5/11/2016)

News for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students.
Inside this Issue:
Important Deadlines:
Deadline to File MS Report/thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation -- 5/13/2016
Deadline to Register for August 16 Preliminary Examination--5/16/2016
Other Announcements

Info Session/Workshop
PhD Consulting Club Info Session
Audience Engagement--how to keep your audience with you and with each other

Better, faster, stronger: measuring and transcending your physical limits with wearable robotics

Thriving in Science Seminar: A Biased Random Walk: My "Alternative" Career as a Scientist

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Student Symposium

Great Minds in STEM Symposium
Fellowship & Competition
AfterCollege Engineering Scholarships Deadline
Internship & Job Opportunity

Summer Intern Opportunity for ME Ugrad/Grad at Triple Ring Technologies

Paid Summer Research Position - Prof. Auslander

Open Positions with Power Integrations and AXA Group

Summer Technology Development Project - Nano Hydrophobics, Inc.



Deadline to File MS Report/thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation -- 5/13/2016

The deadline to submit the doctoral dissertation, MS Plan I thesis, and MS Plan II report is Friday, May 13th, no later than 4:00 p.m.

  1. MS Plan I thesis must be submitted electronically to the Graduate Division at . Please see here the details about the filing procedure. 
  2. MS Plan II report must be submitted electronically via the Student Web Application. Please find here the template for the Plan II report cover page , and the library permission form
  3. Ph.D. dissertation must be uploaded to  Details about the filing process is located here

Deadline to Register for August 16 Preliminary Examination--5/16/2016

The deadline to register for Fall 2016 Preliminary Examinations is Monday, May 16, 2016 at 4:00 pm. Please find here the link to register. Check the Fall 2016 FAQ for details.

Change of Graduate Academic Policies


No Advisor Code Needed to Register for Fall 2016

Due to the transition to the new Campus SIS System, the advisor code requirement is waived for Fall 16 enrollment. However you must complete the Confirmation of Class Schedule, have it signed by your Major Field Advisor, and return it to the Student Services Office no later than the end of the third week of instructions.


Admissions Policies for Former or Current Berkeley Graduate Students

Beginning Fall 2016, students will no longer be allowed to add or change to a new degree program without applying through the Online Application for Admission per the degree-granting program's  normal admissions and review cycle. For instance, a Master's student who is willing to add a Ph.D. to his/her degree goal must apply to admission like every new applicant. The "Application for Readmission" or the "Change of Major" forms are no longer in use. In some cases, exceptions may be required. Also, students returning to the same program after a period of absence are covered under the "Re-enrollment" process in the new SIS; in this particular case there is no need to use the online admission application process.


Policies for Qualifying Examinations and Dissertation Committees

Effective Spring 2016, the following changes are approved by the Graduate Council to simplify the constitution of the higher degree committee:

  1. The terminology "inside" and "outside" are removed and replaced by "additional member" and "Academic Senate Representative".
  2. Faculty holding 0% joint appointments in a department can serve in the role of the "Academic Senate Representative" (formerly known as "outside member").
  3. Graduate Group Faculty and Affiliated Faculty can serve as the Academic Senate Representative (Outside Member).


Policy for Parenting Leave for Graduate Student with Re-Enrollment

A student who chooses to take a leave of absence due to pregnancy, childbirth, and/or to care for and bond their newborn child or a child placed with the student for adoption or foster care shall be granted a Parenting Leave for up to one academic year (2 semesters). This leave must be taken no later than the twelve months after the child's birth or adoption/placement. If there is a medical reason for a longer absence, and extension of leave may granted for a total or up to two academic years (4 semesters).


A student must have registered for the semester during which the leave will be taken, or the semester immediately preceding the beginning of the period of leave requested. If a student commences a leave during a semester in which they are enrolled, that semester shall be counted as one of the semesters of leave granted under this policy.


An international student wanting to take Parenting Leave must first consult with the Berkeley International Office (BIO) regarding implications for visa requirements.


A student on Parenting leave shall not be eligible to work academically with faculty and shall not be eligible for campus employment, fellowship, or financial aid.

 Join the LavenderCal Out List for LGBTQ Employees!


Hey ME Grads!

LavenderCal (UC Berkeley's LGBTQ employees organization) is updating their Out List ( We're looking for folks to sign their names and be counted! Do you identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, or other gender/sexual minority community? This list helps new students and employees know that they're not alone here at Cal.

Any academic employee can join. If you're comfortable, join here at



Career Developement Initiative for the Physical Sciences (CDIPS): 

PhD Consulting Club Info Session

Thursday, May 12, 2016

5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
375 LeConte Hall

Presented by: Career Development Initiative for the Physical Sciences (CDIPS)

For more details, click here!

Audience Engagement--how to keep your audience with you and with each other

Presenter: Rajelin Escondo, Public Service Center
Thursday, May 12, 2016
290 Hearst Mining Building

DETAILS: This session will engage participants in a discussion and practice in various audience engagement methods. The goal of this workshop will be to gain a deeper awareness of one's own audience engagement skills but also to develop the ability to facilitate intentional engagement between audience members to meet organizational goals. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on groups they facilitate and the engagement needs of each individual in relation to meeting goals. Beyond these reflective practices, participants will have an opportunity develop meeting goals and connect them to specific engagement activities to garner greater participation from audience members with the facilitator and with each other.


Rajelin Escondo advises all new students interested in engaging with public service as well as the Student Initiated Community Projects program where student groups receive grants to carry out a service mission across the Bay Area at the UC Berkeley Public Service Center. She routinely facilitates students in communicating over difference to understand their individual role in social change. Rajelin is a Chicago-land native and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago. She earned a Master’s degree in Student Affairs from UCLA and joined the Public Service Center to continue to support students as they work towards more socially just world.

Better, faster, stronger: measuring and transcending your physical limits with wearable robotics

Speaker: Robert Matthew
Date/Time: Thursday 12th May 1400-1500
Location: 337A Cory Hall, UC Berkeley

Assistive devices such as exoskeletons have been shown to aid rehabilitation and improve quality of life. However their widespread use is limited due to both high cost and lack of efficacy metrics for different target populations In this talk I will outline a method for generating individualised human kinematic and dynamic models. These models can be used to determine intervention efficacy, potentially enabling treatment pathways to be personalised to the patient. These models can also be used to create design specifications for assistive devices. As these designs account for the residual strengths of the user, the resulting devices can be made lighter and more affordable while still providing and improvement to function.

Robert Matthew received their Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2011, and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2015. Robert received the Advanced Leadership award from the Royal Academy of London in 2008, became an Associate of the City and Guilds of London in 2011, and received the Berkeley Excellence Fellowship in 2011. They have worked in a number of international labs, including surgical and space robots, exoskeletons and is currently Lab Manager for the Human-Assistive Robot Technologies Lab. In this role, Robert has helped mentor five graduate students, thirteen undergraduates, and has designed and run summer school curricula to encourage diversity in STEM subjects.

Thriving in Science Seminar: A Biased Random Walk: My "Alternative" Career as a Scientist

The next Thriving in Science seminar is Wednesday, May 18th. It will feature Dr. Brad Zamft from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Zamft will discuss has career path since earning his PhD in Physics from UC, Berkeley. He conducted postdoctoral research in the lab of Professor George Church. He held an AAAS / ARPA-E fellowship, where he worked in the US Department of Energy in many research policy areas spanning biotechnology. And, now, is a Program Officer and Fellow in the Discovery & Translational Sciences division at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

There will be pizza at 5.30 PM in the 1st Floor Atrium of Stanley Hall, and the talk will be followed by a beer and wine networking mixer for those who RSVP.