Undergraduate Announcements 2/5/16

ME Housekeeping

1)  For the folks who have been asking about Spring 2016 COE Commencement sign-ups, it will begin on February 11th.  You can find more information here:  http://engineering.berkeley.edu/news-events/events/engineering-commencement.


2)  Today, 2/5/16, is the deadline to add without a fee ($5 per course after this date).


3)  Need help with your ME Courses? Come to PTS Office Hours for tutoring! Monday 11-1 & Thursday 3-5 in 5108 Etcheverry.


Happy Super Bowl weekend!


Networking and Professional Etiquette Dinner

Thursday, February 11, 6-8:30pm, Faculty Club. Have you ever sat down to a formal meal and wondered, “What are all of these forks for?” Or been networking and thought, “Is this an appropriate topic to raise?” Then our networking and professional etiquette dinner will put you at ease. Presented by a certified professional etiquette trainer, this event is a fun, non-threatening way to learn business etiquette skills while enjoying a three course meal! Some topics covered include: How to confidently enter a room full of strangers; How to introduce yourself and properly shake hands; How to make small talk while networking; How to use utensils and dishes appropriately. Tickets are $10 and pre-paid reservations are required to hold your space.

2016 Internship & Summer Job Fair

Wednesday, February 17 - Engineering, Science and Technical Opportunities
Thursday, February 18 - Business, Nonprofit, Public Service and Tech Opportunities
Time: 12pm-4pm
Place: MLK Jr. Student Union, Pauley Ballroom, 3rd Floor

Internship and summer job experience is critical to students' career development during college.  Attend this fair to learn about internship & summer job opportunities and how to apply (and there are a few full-time opportunities from some companies too).  The Internship & Summer Job Fair is open to all currently registered Berkeley students and Career Center Alumni Advantage members.  Everyone is welcome and there are opportunities for all majors!

Over 120 employers are registered.  Different employers attend each day, and following is a sample of employers who are specifically recruiting Mechanical Engineering students:
Analog Devices
BD Biosciences
Lam Research
Varian Medical Systems
...and many more are seeking "any engineering" or any STEM major!

Prepare in advance to make a great first impression:
1.  Update your Callisto profile to make sure your major and graduation date are correct - they will appear on your nametag!
2.  To view participating companies (so you can research firms and opportunities ahead of time), view the Career Fair directory and booth map from the Shortcuts menu in your Callisto account.  Note: the booth map will be available to view within 2 weeks of the fair date.
3.  Use the Career Center's resources to update and polish your resume
4.  Watch Career Center Quick Clips on Career Fair Do's and Don'ts

Also, be sure to bring your UC Berkeley Student ID to the fair.

The Career Center is proud to co-host this fair with Capital Investments at Berkeley (CIB), Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda, and Smart Woman Securities.


UC San Diego Engineers for Exploration

The University of California, San Diego is currently taking applications for a 10-week paid summer undergraduate engineering internship! The UC San Diego Engineers for Exploration program is a full-time research experience that provides the unique experience of developing technology to drive future exploration. You will be working and collaborating with explorers and conservationists at organizations such as the San Diego Zoo, National Geographic, El Zotz Maya Archaeological Site, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute, California Wolf Center, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. For more information, please visit the website. Application due date is Monday, February 15th. Applications received by this date will receive full consideration. Applications will continue to be accepted through March 15th if positions are not yet filled.

Project Based Learning Opportunities in Design

Looking for real-world opportunities to apply your design skills? Through a collaboration between the Mechanical Engineering department and the Rosenman Institute at QB3, you can now get independent study credit for working with clinicians on the design and development of new medical device innovations.

For more information, see the attached project briefs. If interested, contact Mechanical Engineering Professor Grace O'Connell (g.oconnell@berkeley.edu) to apply.

Open Research Positions In Prof. Komvopoulos' Lab

Find two descriptions below:

Lab name and location

Computational Surface Mechanics Laboratory (CSML), 5107 Etcheverry Hall


Research area(s) for this project

Materials, Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Design, MEMS


Brief description of the position

Stretchable electronics have drawn widespread research attention in recent years. Enabled by advances in elastomeric materials and computational mechanics, these electronic devices of low effective elastic modulus can remain fully functional even when stretched like a rubber band, twisted like a rope, or bent over a pencil tip. With unique mechanical features facilitated by the integration of high-performance semiconductors, metal interconnects, and soft elastomer substrates, such electronic devices can be directly applied to human skin or animal organs. Stretchable electronic devices can measure body temperature, record electrophysiological signals, provide human-machine interface, and serve as mobile energy harvesting, storage, and supply platforms.

Computational design and analysis based on the finite element method (FEM) using commercial software like ABAQUS have been proven critical to the research of stretchable electronics by accurately simulating deformation and heat transfer physics and by offering an effective route for design optimization. The student for this position is expected to model the deformation mechanics and thermal response of stretchable electronics while gaining adequate computational research experience along the way. Duties include: (1) write a Python script to realize periodic boundary conditions in ABAQUS models, (2) assist in the buckling and deformation analysis of stretchable interconnect micropatterns, (3) model heat transfer within electronics at the microscale, and (4) contribute novel, systematic electronic design ideas.

The outcome of this project is expected to be included in manuscripts submitted to leading high-profile journals in electronics, material science, thermal science, applied physics, and mechanics.


Background needed for this position

Solid background in mechanics of materials, heat transfer, and design is essential for this position. Python-based programming skill is highly desirable. Previous experience with ABAQUS is not required, but will be considered a plus. Background in electronic circuitry is also desirable. This position is most suitable for an innovative student who has taken (or currently takes) ME C85, ME 108, ME 109, ME 110 with good communication skills and strong willingness to learn and explore. A strong commitment throughout the project (typically lasting for about 6-8 months) is critical.


Contact information

Please forward your resume to PhD student Renxiao Xu at renxiaoxu@berkeley.edu.




Lab name and location

Surface Sciences and Engineering Laboratory (SSEL), 5119 Etcheverry Hall


Research area(s) for the project

Design, Materials, Mechatronics, Manufacturing


Brief description of the position

Stretchable electronics have drawn widespread research attention in recent years. Enabled by advances in elastomeric materials and computational mechanics, these electronic devices of low effective elastic modulus can remain fully functional even when stretched like a rubber band, twisted like a rope, or bent over a pencil tip. With unique mechanical features facilitated by the integration of high-performance semiconductors, metal interconnects, and soft elastomer substrates, such electronic devices can be directly applied to human skin or the animal organs. Stretchable electronic devices can measure body temperature, record electrophysiological signals, provide human-machine interface, and serve as mobile energy harvesting, storage, and supply platforms.

Multiaxial cyclic tensile/compressive testing is the most commonly used approach to simulate the daily mechanical loading for stretchable electronics. It is a necessary step in the characterization of electronics’ electrical and mechanical performance. The student for this position is expected to develop multi-axial testing set-ups actuated by precisely controlled motors, customized for testing stretchable electronics samples. Duties include: (1) design, fabricate or select mechanical parts for experimental testers, (2) assemble the system(s), (3) design and realize automation, (4) assist in the mechanical and electrical testing of stretchable electronics samples.

The outcome of the project is expected to be included in manuscripts submitted to leading high-profile journals in electronics, material science and mechanics. A well-designed apparatus with novelty also bears the potential for a standalone publication in scientific instruments.


Background needed for the position

Solid background in mechanics of materials, mechanical testing setup, and basic control theories is required. Skills in basic programming, SolidWorks, and mechatronics design and experience in machine shop are also necessary. This position is most suitable for an innovative student who has taken (or is currently taking) ME C85, ME 108, ME 102(A/B), ME 110, and ME 122 or with relevant project experiences. A strong commitment throughout the project (typically lasting for about 6-8 months) is critical.


Contact information

Please forward your resume to PhD student Renxiao Xu at renxiaoxu@berkeley.edu.


Google Seeking Summer Candidates To Develop Next Gen. Wearable Devices

We are seeking an undergraduate summer intern in our group to work on developing the next generation of wearable devices. There is a general requisition for intern candidates here. The specific CS requirements can be ignored -- our internship project will be strictly hardware development. 


The ideal candidate is a mechanical engineer who has completed work in structural mechanics and has an interest in materials and optics.

The POETS Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 2016 program summer program is now accepting applications. This 10 week program is a collaboration of Howard University, Stanford University, The University of Arkansas and The University of Illinois and is focused on power optimization of electro-thermal systems.  Accepted students will have the opportunity to engage in research over the summer at one of the four collaborating institutions.
The deadline for full consideration is March 1, 2016; applications received after this date may be considered if space permits.
Please see the POETS REU website and the attached flyer for more information:
Research Position Available in Prof. Keaveny's Lab
Lab name: Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, Prof. Tony Keaveny
Location: 5109 Etcheverry hall
Project description: Constructing 3D finite element models of bone structures using high resolution micro-CT scans to investigate the biomechanical behavior of bone under different loading configurations. 
Research areas: biomechanics, materials, solid mechanics
Criteria: Preferably be a junior
Please address questions and send resumes to Saghi Sadoughi (ssadoughi@berkeley.edu)
ASME's 2016 Aerospace Design Competition

Infosession is next Tuesday, February 9th at 6pm in 240 Bechtel


Win a GoProHero, portable speakers, Amazon Gift cards, or maybe even a quadcopter! Join ASME's first Aerospace Design Competition sponsored by Autodesk, General Motors, and Northrop Grumman.


The competition will require teams to work over a period of 3 weeks to design, CAD, and create a low fidelity prototype of an improvement to any existing aircraft in the area of cost, fuel efficiency, carrying capacity, or a combination of those three. It will end with teams presenting and pitching their ideas to judges from Autodesk, NG, and GM to decide the winners.


Come to our infosession to learn more about this competition. If you already have a team in mind, please come together, and if you don't have a team in mind, this will be an excellent opportunity to form one with others. This competition is open to all majors and all grade levels so please bring anyone who would be interested. For any questions please contact, Kevin Chen at kevinchen2016@berkeley.edu.

Preparing for Graduate School

Thursday, March 31, 2-3pm: So you are thinking about going to graduate school? Awesome! Do you know what you should be doing as an undergraduate to prepare? Come meet Berkeley Engineering's Graduate Recruiters and learn about what you can be doing right now to prepare and what faculty look for in graduate students. Please RSVP online.

Science Communication Workshop for Undergrads

Science Communication Workshop for Undergrads

Friday, April 1 • 3:00 to 5:00 pm • 2063 Life Valley Sciences Building


Light refreshments


This interactive workshop will provide skills training and practice for undergrads who want to share science with visitors on Cal Day and at other public events.

For details and to sign up, please use the workshop registration form

Undergraduate Research Opportunities





Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP)




Re-Inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt) Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (Some UCB students accepted)




Space Science Laboratory ASSURE Summer Research Program



Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) L&S



Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships/Rose Hills (science/engineering,soph+jr+sr)



Haas Scholars Program (a senior capstone experience for all majors!)



SMART (Student Mentoring and Research Teams)




STEER Program: Short Term Educational Experiences for Research in Environmental Health Sciences for Undergraduate Students



Summer Research Program in Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) for Undergraduates



Cal Teach Berkeley Summer Research Institute


* rolling deadline begins mid-Feb




 UC LEADS: Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Research Program (2 summer apprenticeship)

 rolling deadline

 starting 1/31/16

ASUC Academic Opportunity Fund (all majors)

rolling deadline


Semiconductor Research Corporation Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

rolling deadline


CIAN Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Optics and STEM research) (School year/possibly summer)

rolling deadline


CIAN Veteran Research Supplement (Optics and STEM) (School year/possibly summer)

rolling deadline


ETERN: Research Program for Undergraduates of the E3S’s Member Institutions

rolling deadline


Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy

In partnership with Argonne National Laboratory; Clean Energy Trust; Institute for Sustainability & Energy at Northwestern (Northwestern University); Loyola University; UI LABS; University of Chicago; Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (Illinois Institute of Technology)


The SISE Program
The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) is a two-week intensive workshop and lecture series for students and professionals. From August 4-16, a diverse body of participants will engage a broad spectrum of energy and sustainability-related topics through daily presentations, collaborative projects, mentoring activities, site visits, and networking opportunities with leading research institutions and companies in the digital technology and energy sectors. The issues presented will be of interest to scientists, economists, political scientists, urban planners, engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs. Graduates leave as thoughtful and informed global citizens with a firm foundation and expanded network for careers in sustainability, energy, and smart technology and infrastructure.

2016 Theme: Nexus
Water and energy have long been thought of--and addressed as--two separate issues. With the advent of systems thinking, life cycle assessment, and similar strategies for interdisciplinary analysis, the connection between water and energy has only recently been fully acknowledged. This nexus will be challenged in the coming decades as a result of 1) a growing world population, 2) the need to cultivate more food, 3) a dwindling supply of available water resources, and 4) unforeseen disasters as result of climate change. It is important for energy and sustainability-minded professionals, and all future decision makers, to become fluent in the issues surrounding the nexus, and to work together to implement innovative solutions in the decades to come.

SISE will 1) explore the relationship between energy and water with an eye towards environmental and agricultural impacts; 2) explore the the use of water, especially in energy extraction (fracking) and generation; and 3) highlight the role of the grid in energy issues, emphasizing three specific areas: smart grid, storage for the grid, and the distribution of energy. Participants will consider where the United States is to date, potential solutions, and obstacles and opportunities for each path moving forward.

Now Accepting Applications
Admission into the program is highly competitive, drawing from a national pool of applicants. Participants can expect lodging for the duration of the 2-week program. Many participants will receive partial support for travel costs.

Senior-level undergraduates (as of the fall of 2016), graduate students, and professionals working in the fields of sustainability and energy who are living, working, or studying in the United States are eligible to apply. An online application, a resume, and two letters of reference are required. Applications will be accepted through July 1, 2016. More information is provided on the SISE website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thomas Aláan (uic.sise.admissions@gmail.com), SISE Program Coordinator.

We look forward to seeing some of you in Chicago this summer!

Website: http://sise.uic.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uic.sise

2/9/16 WaterSeer "Clean Water" $12k Collider Project
Globally one in three people don’t have clean, safe drinking water. One in five people live in areas of water scarcity. Graduate students and undergrads are welcome to form teams of 3-4 people to take on the challenge and win up to $12,000 cash prize!!!  WaterSeer™ is a unique proof of concept to accelerate the collection of pure water from condensate. Work with VICI Labs to take this project from proof of concept to working prototype taking into account important design constraints. 
When: Kickoff is February 9, 2106 @ 5:00 - 7:00pm

RSVP:   http://evite.me/p1chFXzbdt

We are looking for Mech E's, builders, fabricators, makers, design and business students and those interested in environmental sciences.  This is a joint project with the Sutardja Center and the Jacobs Institute.
Join us for the Annual Evening with Industry & Career Fair 2016

Event information:
Thursday, February 4, 2016
HS Lordships
199 Seawall Drive
Berkeley, CA, 94710


The evening will feature a career fair followed by dinner and a panel discussion on "Wastewater for the Future."  This event will provide a great opportunity to network with professionals in the wastewater industry. Get to know local firms and agencies and learn about career opportunities. RSVP deadline is Feb 2nd. Space is limited.


After dinner, a panel of professionals from West Yost Associates, City of San Mateo, East Bay Municipal Utility District, and Brown and Caldwell will provide

valuable insight on what the wastewater industry is and how to break into it. Please bring any questions that you would like to ask the panel to the dinner after the career fair!


For more information on RSVPs:
Students please click here
Professionals please  click here.

Call for Nominations: Chancellor's Awards for Public Service for 2015-2016

Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to announce the call for nominations for the annual Chancellor’s Awards for Public Service, recognizing students, staff, and faculty for their individual and collective efforts to benefit others locally and globally. 

Please take time to submit nominations by March 7, 2016 at 5 p.m. for the following categories: 

  • Civic Engagement Awards: Public service by undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and student groups. One student nominated in this category will be selected to receive the Mather Award, which recognizes a graduating senior for their service

  • Research in the Public Interest Award: Research by faculty that addresses critical needs and issues affecting local, state, national, or global communities

  • Community Engaged Scholarship Award: Leadership by faculty in developing or teaching community-based courses, or in engaging students in community-based research

  • Campus-Community Partnership Award: Programs or projects that improve the quality of life in our community

  • Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Recognition Award for Service to Undocumented Students: For undocumented undergraduate and graduate students, or student allies, who have performed exemplary service on campus and/or in the surrounding community pertaining to undocumented immigrants   

The nomination form and guidelines can be accessed from the Public Service Center website: 

Recipients will be honored at a public reception on Monday, May 9, at 3 p.m. at Alumni House. I welcome you to join us at the event. 

Thank you for your assistance in recognizing those who have made significant contributions through public service.


Nicholas Dirks

2015 Peter E. Haas Public Service Award

Dear Cal Campus Community,

I am pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2015 Peter E. Haas Public Service Award.  As an integral part of our mission to serve the public good, UC Berkeley strives to educate our students not just to excel, but also to engage in service to their community. This award recognizes the Berkeley alumnus who has made an outstanding voluntary contribution in one of four major areas — community service (including social service), health care, the environment, and education. 

The Haas Public Service Award winner receives a cash prize of $20,000, an engraved medallion, and an additional prize of $20,000 to be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice. All UC Berkeley alumni living in the United States are eligible for nomination. Visit: https://awards.berkeley.edu/peter-e-haas-public-service-award. 

Completed nomination packets are due March 18, 2016. Thank you for honoring all alumni engaged in public service by making a nomination for this important campus award.


Nicholas B. Dirks

Tools for Managing Stress & Test Anxiety

Tuesday, February 23, 1-2pm. Join the Center for Access to Engineering Excellence and the Tang Center as we discuss tools for managing text anxiety. Many students are hindered by test anxiety, no matter much they prepare for exams. Come learn techniques for dealing with test anxiety so that you can crush your next exam! Please RSVP.

Fung Fellowship for Wellness & Technology Innovations
The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations is committed to shaping a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders focused on transforming health and wellness. Launching in fall 2016 at the School of Public Health and in partnership with entrepreneur, founder of Blue Goji, and UC Berkeley alum Coleman Fung, the two-year program will create a cohort of 50 promising undergraduate scholars at UC Berkeley, drawn from public health, engineering, design, the liberal arts, and other majors, each selected for his or her transformative vision, capacity for collaboration, and commitment to innovating in the health and wellness field. Through a new model of radical, corporate-campus partnership; cross-disciplinary, participatory learning; and immersion in specific communities, Fung Fellows will learn how to advance novel, real-world solutions that change outcomes and lives. 
All undergraduate students with two years left to complete their degrees as of Fall 2016 are eligible to apply. Application deadline is February 21st, 2016. 
Download our attached flyer for more details or join our email listserv to get connected. 
Questions? Please contact us at fungfellowship@berkeley.edu.