Undergraduate Announcements 1/15/16


1)  Professor Casey would like you to know that there's space available in his upper-division dynamics class, ME 170 , Tu Th 12:30 - 2. The subject matter is the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, and orbital problems, using vectorial and tensorial methods. It also touches on modern nonlinear dynamics and stability. It is useful for students who are interested in vehicle dynamics or aerospace applications.


See you on Tuesday!  I hope you all had a good break.



ERG Aerospace Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager Position
ERG Aerospace provides unique design solution components to domestic and international aerospace and defense markets utilizing their metal, carbon and ceramic foams. ERG Aerospace is a small, but growing company looking for candidates who have a broad skill base.
ERG is looking for candidates with the following qualities:
  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering field required (preferably; mechanical, manufacturing, materials, or aerospace) 
  • Strong verbal/written skills, comfortable on phone with professional demeanor 
  • Able to quickly learn/apply information across a broad spectrum of disciplines
  • Experience with automated system design and control beneficial as well
  • Sit/stand for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and lift 25lbs from the floor
  • 2D and 3D drafting/modeling ability desired, machine shop and fabrication experience a plus 
Duties include:
  • Designing, quoting, and processing customer orders and manufacturing plans 
  • Sourcing additional materials/processes needed and coordinating sub-vendors 
  • Managing and supporting in-house fabrication personnel during manufacturing 
  • Providing analysis for customer and company projects and process upgrades 
  • Ensuring projects are complete, to spec, and delivered on time 
You can apply by either emailing your resume and a short introduction to careers@ergaerospace.com or through Callisto by searching the keyword "Aerospace."
Ugrad Research Opportunities

Please see attached pdf.

ME Student Shop Safety Orientation Schedule Spring 2016



It is time to announce the safety orientation training period for the ME Student Access Machine Shop.


The Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop is available for students who will be working on projects and research related to our academic mission.

If any student hasn't received the safety orientation training and needs to use the Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop this semester, they need to go through our safety orientation training in the early part of the semester. Students who have already been trained in the Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop prior to this semester do not need to go through the training again. Training in another shop or location does not qualify the student to work in the ME shop.


Students will need to visit the shop in 1166 Etcheverry Hall to schedule their training. The shop is open Monday through Friday 8:00-11:30 and 1:00- 4:30 for safety orientation enrollment.


The safety orientation training is for education and safety purposes and consists of three 1- hour instructional/ hands-on sessions and a final 2 hour hands-on demonstration of safe work practices and machine tool competency.


It is recommended that interested students sign up early during the first 3 weeks of the semester. Training is on a first come-first served basis. The staff cannot guarantee a slot in the schedule for students who don't sign up early.


We will start the scheduling process at 9:00 AM on Wednesday January 20, 2016.


The actual safety orientation training will occur during the period from January 27, 2016 through March 18, 2016.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



Scott G. McCormick

R&D Engineering Manager

Technical & Instructional Support Group

University of California, Berkeley

Mechanical Engineering

1166 Etcheverry Hall

Berkeley, California 94720-1740
510 642 3314

CELL 510 599 4293

General Motors Product Development - Visiting Berkeley

Please see the attached flyer.

2016 Spring Career Fair (1/20-1/22)

Wednesday to Friday, January 20th to January 22nd
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

MLK Jr. Student Union, Pauley Ballroom, Third Floor


The Spring Semester recruiting season starts the first week of classes with the Spring Career Fair on January 20 to 22. If you're hoping to land a full-time job after graduating this May, or summer internship this coming summer, don't miss the largest career and internship event of the spring semester!

2016 Spring Career Fair
Wednesday, January 20 — Engineering, Science and Technical Opportunities
Thursday, January 21 — Business, Nonprofit and Public Service Opportunities
Friday, January 22 — Engineering, Tech and Business Opportunities

Come join us for UC Berkeley's first and largest Spring Semester career fair for students seeking full time employment or summer internships! The Spring Career Fair is open to all currently registered Berkeley students and Career Center Alumni Advantage members. Over 190 companies will be attending!

You can see the directory of participating employers by logging in to Callisto and look under Events on the menu, or find the link in the Shortcuts menu. Note that new companies are added to the directory every day as we confirm employer registrations.

Mock Interviews For Engineering & Technical Students

With Spring recruiting starting up, we know practice interviews can be quite useful to prepare for first or second round interviews in the technical and engineering fields. You can expect to practice traditional and behavioral questions*, and potentially industry-specific questions, depending on your career goals. For those interested in consulting, there is no time to do case interviews or brain teasers, though the consultant can help you prep for them. *The consultant is not able to work on technical interview questions with you. For reference, we recommend referring to books such as Cracking the Coding Interview.

The consultant is not currently recruiting on campus; she is here with the sole purpose of helping you polish your interview skills. It is highly recommended that you wear interview attire.

To make the most of your session, review our resources online.

Also, prepare your answers to the most common questions: Tell me about yourself/Walk me through your resume, Why do you want this job, and Why our company. (Remember to speak to the employer's needs, focusing on the talents and skills you offer, not just want you'll get from the job.)

You may schedule only ONE appointment per semester. These interviews will run February 1 to March 11, 2016.

The Mock Interviews for Engineering and Technical Undergraduate and Graduate Students service is available to students in the Colleges of Engineering and Chemistry as well as to students from other majors such as Computer Science and Statistics in the College of Letters & Science who are interested in technical careers and internships.

How to Schedule a Mock Interview

1. Log in to Callisto and select "Callisto Search" from the Shortcuts menu, and do a keyword search for listing #909888 (or enter Spring Mock Interviews for Engrg. & Tech. Students)

2. After uploading a resume (please list the types of jobs you are recruiting for in the objective section of your resume), select View/Apply and choose a date and time that works with your schedule.

3. The Callisto system will confirm your mock interview appointment via email, however, please cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance if necessary, so other candidates can utilize the service.

Spring 2016 Engineering/Stem Career Workshops & Events

Check out the menu of career-related workshops, panels, and networking events available for Eng/STEM students this Spring. RSVP and reserve your spot today on Callisto!

What Technical Recruiters are Looking for at a Career Fair (Recruiter Panel)
Friday 2/5 2:30-4:00pm

Career Chat: Careers in Statistics
Friday 2/19/2016

Career Chat: Careers in CEE
Thursday 2/25/2016

Career Chat: Careers in Math
Friday 3/4/16 1-4pm

Consulting Careers for Engineers (*Part of E-Week)
Weds. 3/9/2016

Career Connections: Biotech/Biomedical (Networking Event)
Fri 3/11 4:00-6:00pm

Patent Law & Intellectual Property - What You Need to Know
Friday 4/1 2:30-4:00pm

How to Maximize Your STEM Internship for Success
Friday 4/8 2:30-4:00pm

Job Search Essentials Series - Spring 2016

Join with a professional counselor and your fellow students to discuss essential career-related topics that serve as the building blocks for success! We offer recurring workshops throughout the semester on the following five topics:

*Resumes/Cover Letters To Get You Noticed (1/29, 2/16, 3/17, 4/20)
*How to Talk with Recruiters Confidently (1/19, 2/9, 3/7)
*Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Job Search (2/17, 4/5)
*Top 10 Job & Internship Search Strategies (2/11, 3/4, 3/29)
*Interview with Confidence (2/26, 4/14)

No preparation is required and all workshops are open to students and Alumni Advantage members from all majors and class levels. SPACE IS LIMITED - LOGIN TO Callisto TODAY TO SAVE YOUR SEAT! http://callisto.berkeley.edu

Design The Future Of Mobility With Toyota And Net Impact (Apply By 1/25)

Toyota has come together with local nonprofit Net Impact to help students envision the future of transportation. They're heading to UC Berkeley on February 5th, from 9AM to 4PM for the Next Generation Mobility Challenge!


Collaborate and generate ideas around how we can transform the transportation and mobility industry to become more socially and environmentally sustainable. Participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback from Toyota and other mobility experts. The winning team can even see their ideas brought to life with an internship at Toyota!


Interested in shaping the mobility and transportation industry? Apply for the event and find more information on the Net Impact website! The deadline to apply is January 25th.


Questions about the event? E-mail Lily Mathews.

Enroll in spring design innovation courses at Jacobs
Dear students,
The design innovation (DES INV) courses offered at Jacobs have some seats set aside for COE students, with the rest open to students from all across campus.
There are a few seats available to COE students in the following DES INV classes; next week, we will remove the enrollment categories and start admitting waitlisted students, so register now if interested! Please email amydinh@berkeley.edu if you have any questions.
DES INV 90-1: Introduction to Design Process
Rob Hennigar | 3 units | CCN: 18402
This fast-paced, collaborative course is aimed at teaching students to be more empathetic designers, able to visualize, create, present and evaluate ideas with others. Topics covered include uncovering areas for design exploration, developing empathy for end-users, framing and structuring problems, designing and developing concepts and the iterative process of refinement.
DES INV 90-2: Introduction to Prototyping & Fabrication (only spots for lower division COE students)
Chris Myers & Michael Shiloh | 3 units | CCN: 18409
This hands-on course allows students to dive into the basics of prototyping and fabrication. Topics and class activities include a range of techniques, such as laser-cutting, 3D modeling and 3D printing, soldering, basic circuits and interface mockups.
DES INV 90-3: Sketching & Visual Communication (only spots for lower division COE students)
Rob Hennigar | 3 units | CCN: 18412
In this course, students develop visual communication skills that are essential to design processes. Topics and assignments include sketching, storytelling, storyboarding, portfolio development and more.
DES INV 90-4: Design Foundations
Instructor TBA | 2 units | CCN: 18415
This course, ideal for students who are looking for an introduction to the broad world of design, covers design careers, design fields, histories of design and ethics in design. Students will gain language for analyzing and characterizing designs. As an introductory survey course, 90-4 is most appropriate for lower-division students.
DES INV 190-2/ME 292C: Reimagining Slums (only for upper division and graduate students)
Sara Beckman & David Dornfeld | 2 units | CCN: undergrads enroll in 18406 (DES INV) , graduate students enroll in 56409 (ME)
This cross-disciplinary pilot course is focused on redesigning slums. The class allows students to apply their disciplinary knowledge in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary effort that will teach design process, teaming and communications skills and their application to a truly “wicked problem.” Students will deeply immerse themselves in understanding the inner workings of slums, which will lead to the identification of specific project opportunities (e.g., improving sanitation, designing a birthing center, creating new governance systems).


Amy Dinh
Student Services Advisor

Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

College of Engineering | UC Berkeley  
103 Jacobs Hall
(510) 664-7568
Schedule an appointment to chat about design innovation opportunities
Check out the many ways to Learn@Jacobs and Make@Jacobs
Art of Writing Seminar for Undergraduates: Writing Fluidly about Flow

"Writing Fluidly about Flow," offered through Civil and Environmental Engineering  [CCN 14829: http://osoc.berkeley.edu/OSOC/osoc?p_ccn=14829&p_term=SP], meets Wednesdays 2-5 pm. The seminar focuses on writing about natural phenomena using as a case study flowing material, such as air and water. The goal of the course is to make writing — especially technical writing — an enjoyable experience for each student. 


Please see the attached flyer.

CalPIRG Jobs to Protect Public Health

The California Public Interest Research Group is hiring students to protect the future of antibiotics and work on campaigns in Berkeley, Oakland, El Cerrito, and Marin County. 


We're looking for folks that are hard-working, communicate well, and are committed to making positive change. Sign up for more information or an info session here: http://fundforthepublicinterest.org/apply.html?lcl=BERK

Currently we are working to stop the overuse of antibiotics on Factory Farms!


Upwards of 70% of the antibiotics sold in the United States are used on animals on factory farms, often before these animals are even sick.  This is the greatest contributor to the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria that cause millions of people to be sick and over 23,000 deaths each year.  We need the restaurants that buy from factory farms to help us change the game by refusing to sell meat raised with antibiotics. 


This past year we’ve convinced both Subway and McDonalds to announce plans to stop selling meats raised with antibiotics.  Their decisions are a great first step, but we need KFC and In-and-Out to put more pressure on the meat producers.

To win this campaign we are hiring students to go out into communities and build support for this issue. Over the course of campaigning you can expect to make between $10-$15/HR. It's a great way to build your resume and make some extra money!

To sign up to learn more go here: http://fundforthepublicinterest.org/apply.html?lcl=BERK

Spring 2016 SLC Writing Tutor Positions

Love Writing? Become a Writing Tutor!

Earn $14.11/hour or 2 units! Multidisciplinary and multilingual writers encouraged to apply.

The SLC Writing Program harnesses the power of peer pedagogy to support and empower Cal undergraduate writers. We're seeking students who are passionate about writing and working with peers to grow our talented and devoted Writing support team!

As a peer tutor, you will work one-on-one with fellow writers to explore and meet the intellectual and rhetorical rigor of writing at a research university. You'll attend a weekly training seminar in which you will acquire culturally and pedagogically relevant tools to guide your practice. Best of all, you get to set your own work schedule, ensuring your flexibility around classes, athletics, and other commitments.


• Fulfilled UCB writing requirement
• Interest in collaborative learning models
• Passion for writing and the writing process
• Ability to work with students from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of learning styles
• Ability to devote at least 6 hours/week
• In good academic standing; cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

Apply today. We look forward to hearing from you! Preference given to applications submitted by 1/20/2016.

About the Student Learning Center (SLC)

The SLC is the primary academic support unit at UC Berkeley. We serve over 7,100 undergraduates annually--approximately 1/3 of the undergraduate student population--in Math and Statistics, Science, Economics, Social Science, Study Strategies, and Writing. For more information, see slc.berkeley.edu.