iMEGRAD Vol. II No. 37 (9/25/2015)

News for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students.
Inside this Issue:

  1. Find Your Balance (A Message from the Dean of the Graduate Division)
  2. Impending Important Deadlines
  3. How to Change Your Class Schedule (ADD/DROP CLASS)?
  4. New! Graduate Professional Development Services (GPS)
  5. Science Outreach Opportunity for Grad Students & Post-Docs!
  6. Mentor Outreach Opportunity for Graduate Students
  7. Various Workshops:

- Working with Student Writing

- Looking Beyond Academia

- The Hacker Within: Pandas

- Preparing for the Masters & PhD Career Fair and On-Campus Recruiting for Grad Students & PhDs

- SLAM: Science Leadership and Management Seminar Series!

8. Fellowships - Competitions

9. Internships and non-academic Job Opportunities

Find Your Balance! Message from the Dean of the Graduate Division

The semester is underway, and no doubt you are very busy: taking or teaching classes; working on research in labs or libraries; meeting with faculty; developing various skills sets; writing proposals or theses; perhaps preparing for job searches ahead.


What else should you be sure to do? Take time for rest, recreation, and social connection!   Finding a balance between academic work and personal refreshment is vital for keeping healthy and for succeeding in your goals over the long haul.


Don’t shortchange yourself on sleep. Do sustain relationships with friends and loved ones. Avail yourself of nature’s beauties; let such appreciation restore your spirit. Treat yourself to a concert, a play, an art exhibition; let cultural delights enrich your soul. Learn to cook a good meal; your life will be better for it. Walk, cycle, swim, sail, play ball, chase a frisbee; find ways to exercise your body regularly, and your mind will thank you for it.


(Did you know that your registration fees give you access to all the facilities and classes of our Recreational Sports programs? Activate your student membership and check out the dozens of activities being offered.)

This is not frivolous advice. I take it to heart myself. The most successful scholars and professionals, the most productive and creative innovators, work hard and play well. At Berkeley, we are fortunate to have so many opportunities close at hand to live a well-balanced life. Carpé diem!  and…


Fiat lux!


Fiona Doyle


Source: Graduate Division eGrad


Important Deadlines:



12/04/2015: Deadline to add or drop classes.

12/18/2015: Deadline to file Thesis or Dissertation (End of Fall 15 Semester)



How to Change Your Class Schedule (ADD/DROP CLASS)?


To add, drop, change course unit or grade option after the third week of class, you must to do the following:

  1. Complete the ADD/DROP form
  2. Have it sign by your Major Field Advisor
  3. Submit it to the Student Services Office 

Please be advised that you must get the signature of the instructor as well, if you are adding a class or changing the number of unit of a class you already enrolled in.


New! Graduate Professional Development Services (GPS)


The GPS is an outgrowth of the Task Force on Graduate Student and Postdoc Professional Development co-convened by the Graduate Assembly and the Graduate Division in 2013. Its purpose is to help graduate students to think about career directions, and plan ahead.

The new GPS Center is located in 309 Sproul Hall.


Check the following for details and other professional development events:


Join the BERC Mechanical Engineering! 


Are you interested in Energy, Resources, and Sustainability? Want to find out about great social and informational events around campus, network, and meet people who share your passions?

Then join the BERC@ME mailing list -- a weekly digest of MechE-related content from BERC, the campus-wide Energy and Resources group!

To join: subscribe via Calmail, or email me at the address below.

  Tim Sennott - 2014 BERC Mechanical Engineering Liaison




Science Outreach Opportunity for Grad Students & Post-Docs!


Be A Scientist - Get 7th Graders Excited About Science & Engineering!

We invite you to take part in Be A Scientist, an exciting outreach program where UC Berkeley graduate students & post-docs mentor 7th graders through the process of designing and conducting their own scientific investigations during a 6-week period. We are currently recruiting enthusiastic grad students and postdocs to participate in the fall 2015 installment of the program at King Middle School in Berkeley (1781 Rose St.)!
As a scientist mentor, you will provide guidance to a group of 3-5 seventh graders, helping them to frame a testable question, design an appropriate experiment, and gather and analyze data. Each student in your group will choose an independent scientific question that is related to his or her scholarly or extracurricular interests.

See details at




Mentor Outreach Opportunity for Graduate Students


The Bay Area Graduate Pathway Symposium (GPS) is in need of graduate student mentors in two capacities: (1) on October 10th to be paired with undergraduates for lunch and dinner based on major/field of interest (2) to continue mentoring throughout the graduate application process by proofreading essays, answering questions, and providing similar support to graduate school applicants. Please volunteer in one or both of these capacities. 


The purpose of this event is to promote graduate school, both MS and PhD, to underrepresented minority (URM), first generation and low income students at Bay Area, Northern California and select Southern California universities.
Please email for more information or questions or sign up on-line:

Working with Student Writing
September 28 | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm 309 Sproul Hall

​​Kim Starr-Reid, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, GSI Teaching ​& Resource Center​

Help students become successful writers and learn to evaluate the level of student understanding with accuracy and efficiency.

Please pre-register at

This event is wheelchair accessible. For disability-related accommodations, please call our office in advance.

Fulfills a requirement of the Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.




Looking Beyond Academia

September 29 | 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm  2440 Bancroft Way (Career Center's Blue & Gold Room)

This 3-week workshop series introduces strategies to help you make an informed and choice of your next career. The session topics include: Identifying Options, Translating Your Credentials: CV to Resume, and Job Search, Interview and Salary Negotiation.




The Hacker Within: Pandas

September 30  4:0 pm - 5:30 pm  190 Doe Library

Speakers: Sean Wahl and Sven Chilton
Topic: Pandas


This is a weekly meeting for sharing skills and best practices for scientific computation. Based on The Hacker Within Scientific Computing Group from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the UC Berkeley chapter uses this as a structured set of skill-sharing sessions for scientific software development (e.g., testing, data management, version control, literate programming, etc. ) The goal is to learn cool skills and incorporate these practices into our workflows. People from all scientific disciplines are welcome. This meeting would be a great venue for describing neat tips and tricks for efficiency, introducing new libraries, showing off useful features of a scientific code you’re using, or bringing up a computational problem you’re having.




Preparing for the Masters & PhD Career Fair and On-Campus Recruiting for Grad Students & PhDs

October 5th  3:30 pm - 5:00 pm | 2440 Bancroft Way (Career Center's Blue & Gold Room)


Employers are coming to campus this fall for Career Fairs, Info Sessions, and to conduct On Campus Recruiting. Are you ready? Is your resume ready?

Learn how to approach potential employers, transform your CV into a resume, and other means of interacting effectively with recruiters from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.


Space is limited, and pre-registration via Callisto is suggested. To do so, go to




 SLAM: Science Leadership and Management Seminar Series!


This semester, SLAM will be hosting a series of new seminar speakers on Mondays at 5:30 pm in 106 Stanley Hall featuring professors, industry leaders, and many other experts with advanced scientific backgrounds. These seminars will focus on understanding and navigating the many interpersonal interactions that are critical to success both inside and outside of the scientific laboratory. During these seminars, often held in a discussion format, you are welcome to bring your questions and ask our speakers about leadership and management strategies.


See the following webpage for more details:



The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships (STEM TEACHING)

Deadlines: Oct. 16, 2015 - Nov. 30, 2015 - January 31, 2016

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, now offered in Georgia, Indiana and New Jersey, recruits current seniors, recent grads, and alumni with backgrounds in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to teach in high-need secondary schools. Fellows receive a generous stipend ($30,000-32,000) to complete a master's degree program that includes a full school year of experience in local high-need classrooms. In turn, they commit to teach for three years in high-need secondary urban or rural schools. They also get mentoring and support from both their universities and their schools throughout their three-year commitment.


For more details, visit:




Berkeley Center for Green Technology SAGE IGERT Fellowship Program

Deadline: October 19, 2015


Application details:
Contact for questions: Tom McKeag, Program Director,
We are currently seeking graduate students interested in applying
interdisciplinary approaches to their research related to alternative energy
materials. We support technology developments that will enable the conservation,
generation, or storage of clean energy, as well as innovative approaches to the
evaluation of new technologies. The fellowship provides:

  1. 2 years of Funding
  2. Opportunities for International Experiences
  3. Collaborative Research Environment
  4. Partnerships with Industry, Government & NGOs


  1.  you are a US citizen or permanent resident and:
  2.  Enrolled in a PhD program in the College of Chemistry, College of Natural
  3. Resources (including Energy & Resources Group), Haas School of
  4. Business, School of Public Health, Goldman School of Public Policy, or
  5. College of Engineering, and
  6.  Have at least 2 years remaining in your graduate program. (Preference
  7. will be given to students in their first 3 years of graduate school)






Application accepted October 2015 - January 2016


Founder Region Fellowship offers grants to women enrolled in graduate schools within the boundary of Founder Region who have advanced to candidacy and are entering into the last year of their doctoral programs. These grants-in-aid are proffered to assist women in the completion of their doctoral degrees.


For more details visit:




MindSumo Mechanical engineering Projects Competition


MindSumo partners with employers to create projects that you can complete to get work experience, win prizes, and be hired for jobs and internships. Questions can be directed to 

Improve the space efficiency of a commercial kitchen - $1000 in prizes 

Design highly-functional, eye-catching food packaging - $1000 in prizes 

Create more efficient packaging and structuring for Plink deodorizers - $1000 in prizes 

Direct Links:






More academic and non-academic job opportunities can be found at:


Internship Opening at Apple

Product Design Engineer  - iPod / iPhone – Experimental Mechanics & FEA, Internship - starting January 2016


Help Apple create a world-class structural modeling and characterization team.  As a member of the Product Design Structural Analysis team, you will be responsible for FEA modeling, experimental validation and material characterization for new iPods and iPhones.  You will be fully integrated with the Product Design team from the earliest stages, analyzing and informing the mechanical design of cutting-edge products.  You will also work with cross-functional teams within Apple and with outside vendors to characterize the strength of raw materials and components.
Please send to Sunny J. Mistry ( your current resume, publications and 3-5 slides about your current and past research.




Part-Time Instructor Employment Opportunity


Sherwood Test Prep is seeking test preparation instructors for our GRE and SAT classes.


These are part-time positions with classes once per week on Sundays.  We seek intelligent, charismatic instructors who have both top test scores and excellent teaching skills.  Our company has a social mission to provide top caliber test preparation courses at a value price.  Team Sherwood is committed to the social responsibility of accessible test preparation courses: Everyone deserves to put their best score out there.
Salary: $40/hour for GRE classroom instruction; $30/hour for SAT classroom instruction.


  1. Education: Current graduate or professional student (Ph.D. (or equivalent), Master’s, J.D.); or Completed Ph.D. (or equivalent), J.D., or Master’s degree.
  2.  Test Scores: Top-tier test scores on one of the following: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or SAT.
  3.  Teaching Experience: Have taught at least one semester/quarter lecture, lab, or discussion, etc. class.  Prior university teaching experience is required.
If interested, please send your (1) Cover Letter, (2) Resume/Vita, and (3) Test Scores to:  Interviews and hiring are to commence immediately.
Tutoring Opportunity at Tutors by InstaEDU
Tutors by InstaEDU is providing an amazing, paid opportunity to teach in hundreds of subjects, anytime and anywhere. 
As independent contractors, the tutors set their own schedules and can make $20/hour from the comfort of their dorm room! This part-time position provides students with resume-worthy job experience and competitive pay, while in all in the pursuit of higher education. 
If interested, Signing up takes less than 10 minutes! Just visit and follow a few easy steps. If you have any questions about tutoring with Chegg Tutors by InstaEDU, please email
NASA robotics engineer (Intelligent Robotics Group, NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley)

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group is looking for a full-time robot software engineer to help create the next generation of space robots. This is a unique opportunity to develop software for a variety of robots, including a new free-flying robot for the International Space Station and a planetary rover for the Moon.


Applicants should hold a B.S. (or higher) in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Robotics. Applicants should also have excellent robotic systems development skills. A strong background in Linux-based development and open-source tools is required, plus:

  1. Strong background in robotics (preferably field or mobile robots)
  2. Significant development experience with C/C++, Java, and GNU tools
  3. Experience with robot software architecture and/or middleware


In addition, knowledge in one (or more) of the following areas is greatly preferred:

  1. Autonomy (motion/task planning, executives, etc)
  2. Embedded systems (especially Linux/ARM and Android/ARM)
  3. Navigation (metric and topological)
  4. Computer vision (3D sensors, tracking, mapping)


If you are interested in applying for this position, please email the following:

  1. letter describing your background and software experience
  2. current resume
  3. contact details for two (or more) references

to Chris Provencher <>

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status required.




Job Opportunities at US Bionics


Control Engineer 
US Bionics is a small startup company in Berkeley CA specializing in design of robotic systems. U. S. Bionics is formed by a few alumni of the Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. US Bionics is looking for a control/robotics engineer to develop motion control codes for various robotic systems. 

  1. BS, MS or PhD in EE, ME, CS or equivalent
  2. Thorough knowledge of multivariable control and dynamics
  3. Understating of microcomputer architectures 
  4. Ability to write control software using C 
  5. Hands-on experience in embedded software, firmware and driver development and debugging
  6. Working knowledge of embedded software development tools including compiler, assembler and debugger. 


Because the team is small, we need engineers who can work on every aspect of control application. We rely on individuals to do much of their own software design with guidance and discussion. This is not a management level position.

Electrical Engineer 
U.S. Bionics is a small startup company in Berkeley CA specializing in design of exoskeletons and orthotic systems. U. S. Bionics is formed by a few alumni of the Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. US Bionics is looking for an electrical engineer to develop hardware controller for various robotic systems. 


  1. BS, MS or PhD in EE or equivalent
  2. Ability to create schematic and layout of various digital control boards with embedded microcomputers
  3. Ability to test and evaluate the fabricated printed circuit boards 
  4. Working knowledge of various DC motors, stepper motors and motor amplifiers. 
  5. Hands-on experience in debugging motor control printed circuit boards 


Because the team is small, we need developers who can work on every aspect of the electronic hardware development. We rely on individual developers to do much of their own hardware design with guidance and discussion. This is not a management level position.