Undergraduate Announcements 9/4/15



1)  If you wish to enroll in any of the following research courses, please email me with your requests no later than *Wednesday, Sept. 9th.*

ME H194
ME 196
ME 199 (ungraded research)
ME 197 (CPT/OPT for international students only)

Note:  As a reminder, ME H194 and ME 196 (graded ugrad research courses) are intended to be "senior thesis" courses. We do not have any other thesis courses or honors programs.


2)  As a reminder, there is a Student Code of Conduct that every student on the campus is expected to follow.  You can find the Code at http://sa.berkeley.edu/code-of-conduct.  All students are also held to the UC Berkeley Honor Code:  “As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.”.


3)  Junior Transfer students in ME who are interested in the 5th Year MS program should be very careful regarding the timing of the their application.  Junior transfers who are currently planning to graduate in Fall 2016 and wish to apply will be applying this Fall.  They will not be able to apply in the semester they are graduating.  Please see http://me.berkeley.edu/graduate/admissions for more details.


4)  There are number of free resources on campus that students should know and take advantage of if they are needed.  Here are a few:

a)  The Ombuds Office for Students:  If you wish assistance sorting through a campus-related conflict or concern.

b)  Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS):  Counseling services to assist students with a variety of concerns including academic success, life management, career and life planning, and personal growth and development.

c)  DSP:  Committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities (short or long term) have equal access to educational opportunities at UC Berkeley. We offer a wide range of services for students with disabilities. These services are individually designed, and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by our Disability Specialists.  Some of the disabilities that are supported are listed at http://dsp.berkeley.edu/students/new-students/documentation-dsp.

d)  Gender Equity Resource Center:  Cal community center committed to fostering a safe, equitable and inclusive experience for all.

e)  CE3:  A great resource for transfer students, student parents, veterans, undocumented students, etc.

f)  Multicultural, Sexuality, and Gender Centers

g)  Confidential Care Advocate Services:  Provides affirming, empowering, and confidential support for survivors and those who have experienced gendered violence, including: sexual harassment, dating and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual exploitation.

Add/Drop Deadlines for Courses

Please make sure you're aware of the course Add/Drop Deadlines:


Upcoming Career Fairs

Mechanical Engineering Career Fair - 9/14 at 10 AM

Come to this year's ME Career Fair and discuss employment opportunities with representatives from many exciting companies seeking mechanical engineers! The career fair will be held in the breezeway from 10am - 4pm.


Companies in attendance include:






Alloy Product Development

Hathaway Dinwiddie

PCH Lime Labs

Planet Labs

Parker Hannifin

Intuitive Surgical

Come prepared and please bring your resumes!




EECS Career Fair
Wednesday, September 9, 2015
MLK Jr. Student Union, Pauley Ballroom, 3rd floor

If you're an EECS or CS student or have skills suitable to technical and computer science related positions, this is the fair for you!  Several companies are specifically seeking students majoring in Mechanical Engineering, including:

Bloomberg LP
General Motors
Intel Corporation
IXL Learning
Palo Alto Networks
The Aerospace Corporation

...and many more companies are participating in the event!  We are hosting 88 companies in total.
Be sure to bring your UC Berkeley Student ID and many copies of your updated resume to the fair.




Cal Career Fair
September 15-18, 2015
MLK Jr. Student Union Pauley Ballroom, 3rd Floor

Sponsored by the Career Center, come join us for UC Berkeley's largest career fairthe Cal Career Fair!  This fair is the biggest recruiting event of the 2015-16 academic year.  Recruiters from diverse industries will bring information about entry-level career and internship positions.  

Don't miss the opportunity to speak with employers who are specifically recruiting Mechanical Engineering majors such as: 
Seagate Technology
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Navy
Western Digital
...and hundreds more companies are attending too!

Over 290 employers are registered and different employers will attend the fair each day!  Make sure you don’t miss your favorite employerLog into Callisto at https://berkeley-csm.symplicity.com/students/ to review this year's Career Fair Directory.

Upcoming Infosessions

Alloy Infosession - 9/10 at 6PM


Come join Alloy Product Development on Thursday, September 10 at 6 PM at 240 Bechtel.

A recent Cal graduate will be coming to give a talk about what it's like working at Alloy and the opportunities that are available for you! They are looking for Mechanical Engineering Students of all levels for Co-ops, Internships, and full time!


Come prepared and please bring your resumes! Refreshments will be provided!


Find out more on their website: http://www.alloypd.com/




Chevron Infosession - 9/14 at 6pm


Come join Chevron on Monday, September 14th at 6 PM at 290 Hearst Mining. There will be a talk from current Chevron employees followed by Q and A! Learn what it’s like to work in the industry and find out what opportunities are available!


Please come prepared and bring your resumes. Refreshments will be provided.




GM Infosession and Design Night - 9/15 at 6 PM


Come join GM on Tuesday, September 15th at 6 PM at 290 Hearst Mining. There will be a talk about the opportunities that are available at GM. This will be followed by a design challenge, so come and witness firsthand how engineering is like in industry!


Please come prepared and bring your resumes. Refreshments will be provided!


For more information and cool cars check out: https://www.facebook.com/GMBerkeley

Open Undergraduate Research Positions
Products and systems that contain a mechanical component requiring power modulation are typically designed using sophisticated 3D CAD software and controlled using embedded control computing elements and software. While methodologies in these areas are well developed, use of physics-based simulation to study the dynamic behavior of the system and to design control algorithms is very much an ad-hoc process if it is done at all.
This project aims to bring the simulation component of system design to at least the same level as the design and embedded control aspects while automating the interfaces for design-to-simulation and simulation-to-control. We are partnering with Autodesk and National Instruments for this project and will focus on their Inventor and Compact Rio products for the design and embedded control computing respectively.
Preferred skills for this project are: system simulation, 3D-CAD, LabVIEW, control systems
Please contact: Professor David Auslander, dma@me.berkeley.edu, 5120 Etcheverry

The lab name and location:  Combustion Analysis Laboratory / Hesse Hall (Engine labs)

The research area(s) for the project: Combustion/Engines/Thermodynamics/power trains

Description of the position: A new engine cell is to be built for a new state of the art power generation technology. We are happy to offer 2 positions for motivated undergraduate students that are willing to get hands on experience and want to put their mechanical engineering knowledge to the test.


We rewards students for good work with active participation on scientific paper writing and conference presentations such as SAE or ASME.

During this project you will learn how to manage an engineering project, basic for electrical systems, cooling systems, control systems, engine operation, experimental work and scientific thinking.

The criteria needed for the position

Basic understanding of:

        Engineering thermodynamics
        Mechanics and power trains
        Energy systems (preferable: IC engines)

Skill set:

        Matlab programming (not required but preferable)
        Labview programming  (not required but preferable)
        Machine shop training (REQUIRED!)
        SAE team (not required but preferable)

Contact person:  Miguel Sierra Aznar m.sierra.aznar@berkeley.edu


Resume required. Please include only:

Contact details ( name, email, date of birth)
UC Berkeley education and gpa (i.e: und.mechanical engineering)
tentative schedule for fall semester 2015 (indicate available hours for lab work)
Skill set (i.e: programming language, pluming, electrical, electronics, 3D design, machine training




Lab Name: Water Process Research Lab
Location: Davis Hall
Come help out our research project which is developing building-integrated water treatment systems driven by nanotechnology and sunlight! You'll have a chance to run water treatment systems we've created in our lab under simulated and real sunlight, and have plenty of chances to practice your data-collection skills. Some fabrication will be involved! 
If you have an interest in sustainability, water, energy, fluid/mass transport, or building-integrated systems - we'd love to talk! 
Criteria: Chem 1A
Contact: please apply via beehive: http://beehive.berkeley.edu/jobs/443
Lab: 1113 Etch Lin Lab
Research area: using electrospinning to assemble facet crystal including metal particle and MOF. More material and micro fabrication.
Criteria: basic knowledge of crystal structure, basic chemistry experiment training, skills in literature searching and review, motivation.
Contact person: xining.zang.me@berkeley.edu
Xining Zang, 4th year PhD.


Join Calsol: Informational Meeting

Want to build street-legal electric vehicles that go over 70 miles per hour?  Interested in being part of a cutting edge vehicle project?
CalSol, UC Berkeley's Solar Vehicle Team, is a multi-disciplinary engineering build team that offers students the opportunity to apply material learned in courses to real-world problems. We design, build, test, and race solar cars in international competitions across thousands of miles.
The mechanical team focuses on the physical aspects of the vehicle, including suspension and chassis design, fabrication such as welding and machining, brakes and driver control systems, shell aerodynamics, composites fabrication, motor design and fabrication, and more! We do much of the manufacturing and assembly in-house at both the Richmond Field Station and the Etcheverry Student Machine Shop, meaning that our members are the ones who actually build pieces of the car, allowing for the unique opportunity for members to take a project from design to reality. Members will work alongside the electrical team in a joint effort to create a fully-functioning solar vehicle.
The first informational meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th at 7pm in 3110 Etcheverry. RSVP on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1605066996441116/
Mock Interviews

With Fall recruiting starting up, we know practice interviews can be quite useful to prepare for first or second round interviews in the technical and engineering fields, for both full-time jobs and summer internships. You can expect to practice traditional and behavioral questions, and potentially industry-specific questions, depending on your career goals. For those interested in consulting, there is no time to do case interviews or brain teasers, though the consultant can help you prep for them.  The recruiter is not currently recruiting on campus; she is here with the sole purpose of helping you polish your interview skills. It is highly recommended that you wear interview attire.  To make the most of your session, review the resources online https://career.berkeley.edu/tools/interviewing.stm

Also, prepare your answers to the most common questions: Tell me about yourself/Walk me through your resume, Why do you want this job, and Why our company. (Remember to speak to the employer's needs, focusing on the talents and skills you offer, not just want you'll get from the job.)


The Mock Interviews for Engineering and Technical Undergraduate and Graduate Students service is available to students in the Colleges of Engineering and Chemistry as well as to students from other majors such as Computer Science and Statistics in the College of Letters & Science who are interested in technical careers and internships. For now, this service is available to graduate students, seniors and juniors. If demand decreases, we will consider opening the service to sophomores and freshmen.

You may schedule only ONE appointment per semester.

How to Schedule a Mock Interview

1. Log in to Callisto at  http://callisto.berkeley.edu  and select "Callisto Search" from the Shortcuts menu, and do a keyword search for listing #900949 (or enter: Fall Mock Interviews for Engrg. & Tech. Students)

2. After uploading a resume (please list the types of jobs you are recruiting for in the objective section of your resume) , select View/Apply and choose a date and time that works with your schedule.

3. The Callisto system will confirm your mock interview appointment via email, however, please cancel your appointment 48hrs in advance if necessary, so other candidates can utilize the service.

Internship at Nodexus

Nodexus is an Angel and Venture-backed biomedical startup that is commercializing technology that has been developed at Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley. Nodexus' flagship platform allows for rapid and robust cell screening and characterization - ultimately leading to academic, industrial, and clinical applications.
FALL 2015 Student (Part-Time) and/or Full-Time R&D Intern


We are seeking an enthusiastic and driven individual who will excel in the multidisciplinary environment of an early-stage startup company. This position will support the development of the flagship Nodexus screening platform.


Position Overview
Microfluidic device fabrication and optimization
Surface functionalization of substrates
Assisting laboratory infrastructure development
Cell culture and cell line passaging experience preferred but not essential


Preferred Qualifications
The ideal candidate will be currently working toward or have already completed a BS in Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, EECS, MCB, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, MSE, or a related field
Will be experienced in microfluidic device fabrication using established processes such as SU-8 photolithography, soft lithography using materials such as PDMS, clean wafer processing, etc.
Demonstrated responsibility and independence in a laboratory setting (lab manager experience a plus)
Completion of UC Berkeley EH&S 101 Basic Lab Safety Course, UC Berkeley EH&S 202 Blood Borne Pathogens Course


Personal Characteristics
Strong work ethic and ability to work independently
Problem solving skills and focus on process-driven results
Interest in developing new skills and working with cutting-edge biomedical technologies
Strong time management, organizational skills, and ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
Ability to thrive both individually and in a team environment to achieve goals
Strong interest in helping build a company from the ground-up



Global Poverty & Practice Minor Info Sessions

Cal Students,

You are invited to attend a Global Poverty & Practice Minor Information Session!

The GPP Minor introduces students to the theoretical frameworks, methods, and practical skills necessary to engage with global poverty and inequality in imaginative and effective ways.

The "Practice Experience" is a central component of the Minor in which students partner with domestic or international non-governmental or community organizations, government agencies, or other poverty or development programs, on various dimensions of poverty action – from community health and food security to economic justice and grass-roots political power.  The combination of the the coursework for the Minor and this real world experience allows students to connect theories and practices of poverty action. Funding is available to support students’ practice experiences.


The deadline to declare the Minor this semester is Wednesday, October 7th.  There are no prerequisites to declare.


The Declaration Form and additional information about the Minor can be found at: http://blumcenter.berkeley.edu/gppminor.


Our Information Sessions will provide an overview of the Minor and demonstrate how students from all disciplines can benefit from it. Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be held in Blum Hall 100A/B (Ground Floor), on the following dates:


Wednesday, September 2nd, 12pm - 1pm
Monday, September 14th, 5pm - 6pm
Wednesday, September 23rd, 1pm - 2pm
Wednesday, September 30th, 12pm -1pm (105 Chavez*)

Friday, October 2nd, 10am - 11am

Monday, October 5th, 4pm - 5pm

*Held in the Transfer Student Center.  This session will have a special emphasis on completing the Minor as a Transfer student, but all students are welcome to attend.

Contact GPP Minor Advisors at gppminor@berkeley.edu  with any questions or meet with an Advisor during the following drop-in hours in 100H Blum Hall:

Monday, Wednesday: 10:00am - 12:00pm; 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Friday: 10:00am – 12:00pm


Tutoring Opportunity

As you may know, Chegg Tutors is one of the largest online tutoring platforms, with thousands of tutors and students working together daily. As a tutor at Chegg Tutors by InstaEDU you set your own schedule, make $20/hour, and work from the convenience of your own dorm room!

If you’re ready to teach, you can set your availability and we’ll message you with lesson opportunities or feature you in subject search results so students can send you a message. You can tutor using our online lesson space- using chat, audio, video and/or document sharing – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Signing up takes less than 10 minutes! Just visit http://instaedu.com/become-a-tutor and follow a few easy steps. If you have any questions about tutoring with Chegg Tutors by InstaEDU, please email prianna@instaedu.com

Career Opportunities at APT

Welcome back! We hope you had a great summer. As the Cal Recruiting Managers at APT, we would like to invite students who are interested in a career in business consulting and data analytics to several events that we will be hosting on campus over the next few weeks. At these events you will be able to learn about APT and meet our consultants.

APT helps senior leaders of consumer-facing organizations make strategic decisions worth millions of dollars in increased profits. We work with our clients to solve some of their key business problems such as:


    Should we "bet the company" on an innovative new store design?
    What new loyalty program offer will truly make customers more loyal?
    Which customers should I target and with what offerings?
    In which markets should I expand my network and where specifically should my new sites be located?


What does a career at APT mean for you? You'll find exceptional peers at the top of your profession, committed mentoring by an experienced, driven and nurturing management team, an opportunity for unparalleled professional growth, and an environment where you can make a difference and have an impact.  We look forward to meeting you on campus! In the meantime, please visit www.joinapt.com/cal for more information and do not hesitate to reach out to us at recruiting_berkeley@aptmail.com.


Adam Gotlin and Brandon Beberwyck
Recruiting Dates

Consulting Forum
Thurs. 9/3 6-8pm
MLK Jr. Student Union
West Pauley Ballroom


Information Session
Wed. 9/9 6-7:30pm
Berkeley Faculty Club
Seaborg Room


Case Practice Webinar
Mon. 9/14 4-5pm
Register Here


Business Career Fair
Tues. 9/15 11am-4pm
MLK Jr. Student Union
Pauley Ballroom


Engineering Career Fair
Wed. 9/16 11am-4pm
MLK Jr. Student Union
Pauley Ballroom


Application Deadline
Sun. 9/20 by 11:59pm
Callisto and www.joinapt.com/apply


First Round Interviews
Tues. 9/29 Various Times
Career Center


About APT

APT is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value. Our intuitive and proprietary Test & Learn® software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and allowing them to make optimal decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. We also offer products that support decision-making for specific business needs including transaction analysis, space planning, category management, and location selection. APT’s client portfolio features some of the world’s best known brands, including Walmart, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, American Family, Hilton Hotels, SUBWAY, TD Bank, T-Mobile, and others.

Engineering Mentors Wanted - E-Bike Competition at Richmond High School

What? mentoring students at the engineering academy, Richmond High
Goal? Help students build an e-bike
Time Requirements? 3:30-5:00 PM once a week (day of your choosing) at RHS from 13 Sept. to 20 Nov. 2015


Necessary Skills?
-Working on undergrad in engineering or science
-Enjoy working with teenagers from Richmond
-Know what a “wrench” is but not much more
-Committed and dependable


Contact: CortCooper@chevron.com

EECS NSF Workshop - All Majors Welcome

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship applicant workshop for rising seniors and first-year PhD students for Wednesday, Sept 9 in the Wozniak Lounge, 430-438 Soda Hall from 4-5 PM.