ME PhD Student Zi Jing Wong Wins Best Paper Award at SPIE Conference

Thursday, August 20, 2015

ME Professor Xiang Zhang's PhD student Zi Jing Wong, has won the Best Student Paper award at the 2015 SPIE Active Photonic Materials Conference. Wong's award winning paper, "Single Mode Parity-Time Laser," discusses:


"The concept of parity-time (PT) symmetry exploits the interplay between the material loss and gain to attain novel optical phenomena such as exceptional point and unidirectional light propagation. Here we experimentally demonstrate a PT symmetry breaking laser that allows unique control of the resonant modes. In contrast to conventional ring cavity lasers with multiple competing modes, our on-chip InGaAsP/InP based PT microring laser exhibits intrinsic single-mode lasing regardless of the gain spectral bandwidth. Thresholdless parity-time symmetry breaking due to the rotationally symmetric structure leads to stable single-mode operation with the selective whispering gallery mode order."


Congratulations, Zi Jing!