Transfer Students

Important Course Plan Notes For Students Entering in Fall 2018

1.  EE 16A is being replaced by EE 49 in Fall 2018 in the MechE Curriculum.  Transfers who have taken equivalents of EE 16A/EE 40 at their community colleges have already fulfilled this requirement.  Also, if your circuits course has been okayed by your ESS adviser, you have already fulfilled this requirement.


2.  ME 103 will be replacing ME 102A and ME 107 in Fall of 2018.  Fall 2018 incoming students will be expected to take ME 103.


Possible Course Plans

- Course Plan 1: You have not taken E 7, E 28/ E 25/E 27, ME 40, ME C85, or or a transferrable circuits course. 

- Or alternately, Course Plan 1A

Course Plan 2: You have not taken E 7, E 25, E27, ME 40, ME C85, or a transferrable circuits course.

Course Plan 3: You have not taken ME 40, ME C85, or a transferrable circuits course.

Course Plan 4: You have not taken ME C85 or a transferrable circuits course.


Please note that though the department will try its best to make the above schedules possible,  due to campus scheduling restraints, faculty schedules, and room availability, this may not be possible.  If you have questions about your schedule or have concerns, please be sure to see your ME adviser.


Will You Be Graduating in 4 Semesters or 5?

- Students entering UCB as transfer students are expected to graduate within four (4) semesters. 

- Transfer students who are admitted missing 3 or more lower division requirements do NOT have to petition for an extra semester; approval is granted automatically in these situations.

- Students participating in a study abroad program do not have to petition. Approval for one additional semester will be granted to all study abroad students. - Summer terms, or any quarter/ semester completed someplace other than UCB (including FPF) do NOT count toward the allotted semesters. 

- In exceptional cases, if a student will be unable to complete all degree requirements within the allotted time, they can petition for an extra semester. Extra time cannot be granted to complete a minor, do research, or take elective courses. An extra semester is granted in instances where it would not be possible to complete the degree within the allotted time for some reason beyond a student's control (i.e., illness, disability, parenting responsibilities, etc.). Students who want to petition for an extra semester should meet with their ESS adviser in 230 Bechtel Engineering Center to discuss their situation.


More information can be found here.


Quick Reference

If you have to take 3 or more of the courses below, you will be granted 5 semesters to complete all of your requirements automatically.

- Engineering 7: Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers

- Engineering 25: Visualization for Design

- Engineering 27: Introduction to Manufacturing & Tolerancing

- Mechanical Engineering 40: Thermodynamics

- Mechanical Engineering C85: Introduction to Solid Mechanics

- Electrical Engineering 40/49/100/16A: Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits


Department and University Requirements

COE Undergraduate Guide

- Humanities and Social Sciences (H/SS) Requirement Policies