14.2 Campus Services

Disabled Student Program

The campus offers many different resources for graduate students with disabilities. The purpose of an academic accommodation is to offer the graduate student an equal opportunity to meet the department's academic standards and requirements.


  • - The Disabled Student Program (510-642-0518) serves graduate students with disabilities (who complete the process for establishing eligibility) by authorizing academic accommodations.
  • - The Disabled Access Services (510-643-6473 or 510-643-6456) can usually assist with accommodations to extra-curricular events.
  • - The Campus Access Guide is the office where most physical access issues are addressed.
  • - The Disability Resolution Officer (510-642-2795) will assist with problems accommodations reported on campus.
  • Photo Identification

    All students must have their photo taken for your student ID card. The Cal Photo ID card is the official student identification. It is important that you obtain your card as soon as possible. Your ID card will be created on the spot using a computerized photo identification system. To obtain your card you need to bring your TeleBears letter or Letter of Acceptance, Student Identification Number and a valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID card or passport). We recommend that you bring reading material as the lines can be quite long at times.


  • Your Cal ID card will last for years. Lost or damaged cards may be replaced at the Cal Photo ID Office. Please note that there may be a charge for the replacement.


  • The Cal Photo ID Office is located at 180 Cesar Chavez Center in Lower Sproul Plaza. The office is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. For additional information please check the website: http://services.housing.berkeley.edu/c1c/static/index.htm.


  • Library

    Your Cal Photo ID serves as your library card at both the Doe and Moffitt libraries as well as subject specialty libraries. It also allows you to use the library of any other campus in the UC system, as well as interlibrary borrowing (http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ILS/ibs.html). You are eligible for free borrowing privileges from the Stanford University Libraries and the University of Texas, Austin through the Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP). For more information, visit the Library Service Desk at Level A, Gardner Stacks.


  • When you arrive on campus, a good way to get acquainted with the vast resources of the Library is to enroll in drop-in library research, Internet and other workshops (including online catalog and article database orientation) or a faculty seminar offered by the Teaching Library, (510) 643-9959. For more information about the workshops, please see http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Help/index.html.


  • If you are a Graduate Student Instructor you can arrange for a library resources session for your class by calling the Teaching Library. If a subject specialty library serves your discipline, telephone that library for specific tour information. A listing of subject specialty libraries is available on the Library web site http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/.


    Kresge Library (i.e. The Engineering Library)

    The services and collection of the Kresge Engineering Library support the research and teaching programs of the College of Engineering. They are located in 110 Bechtel Engineering Center.


    The collection includes more than a quarter of a million volumes in all areas of engineering, except for chemical engineering. The library collects at the research level for our core priorities: bioengineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, offshore engineering, operations research, and nuclear engineering.


    The Engineering Library subscribes to more than 1,200 print and 2,400 electronic journals. The library provides access to all the major engineering article databases, as well as a substantial number of online reference materials and monographs. The library also houses a large collection of technical reports of federally sponsored research, particularly reports from NASA, DOE, and the EPA.


    For more information, services and to learn how to use to library, please visit their website at http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ENGI/.

    Sports and Exercise

    You will find just about everything you need to stay in shape at the campus Recreational Sports Facility (RSF): swimming pool, racquetball/handball courts, weight room, cardiovascular machines, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, fitness classes and more. Once you have your Cal Photo ID you can use the RSF fee of charge. CalAerobics, CalFIT classes and one-on-one personal training are available at special student rates. Spouses of UC Berkeley graduate students can buy a pass to the RSF at a special rate. For more information call (510) 7642-7796 or at the web site http://recsports.berkeley.edu/.


    Campus Safety Services

    The campus provides a number of Safety Services for both Students and Staff on campus such as BearWALK, Owl Service and WarnME. For details and guidelines, please see the UC Police's Site on Safety.


    Housing and Transportation Office

    For information about Student Housing Options, please see the UC Berkeley Residential and Student Services Programs' website.


    Parking and Transportation Office

    Parking for students near campus is severely limited and on the street parking in the surrounding area is restricted to 2 (two) hours for nonresidents of the area. The best plan is to walk, bike or use public transportation.


  • Bike racks outside most buildings make bicycling to campus a convenient and inexpensive transportation solution. Be sure to always lock your bike securely and register it with the UC Berkeley Police Department.

    For more information, please see http://pt.berkeley.edu/


    Class Pass

    Funded by a $69.50 portion of every student's registration fees each semester, an incredible $1,200 of value is provided to students to ride free of charge on AC Transit (including the Transbay lines to San Francisco and U-Line from Fremont BART to Stanford) and BearTransit campus shuttle buses. For details please see https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/passes.