The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a large academic department within the College of Engineering comprised of approximately 45 faculty, 350 graduate students and 600 undergraduates. We have research laboratories in Etcheverry, Hesse Hall, Sutardja Dai Hall and at the Richmond Field Station. A list of our faculty's current research projects is a tour through a complex world that spans size scales from the molecular to the global. You will find projects that include robotics, mechatronics, micro-and-nano-systems, automated manufacturing, automated transportation, biomaterials, computer mechanics, internal combustion and the dynamics and control of vehicles. The department is ranked as one of the top mechanical engineering departments in the world and our teaching facilities, computing and research laboratories are among the finest in the nation. The work undertaken in them ranges from the most fundamental, classical issues in engineering science to the latest cutting edge applications of the world around us. We find this to be intellectually exciting and hope you will feel the same way.


A degree from Berkeley implies a solid foundation in the art and science of mechanical engineering, providing our graduates the assurance that they can successfully compete with the best in the profession. Time and time again, our graduates tell us their Berkeley degrees have opened doors to enriching careers in engineering practice, engineering management, industry, research, academia and government. The University of California at Berkeley offers students one of the most vibrant educational and cultural atmospheres available. In close proximity to northern California's geographical treasures and stunning landscapes, the Berkeley experience ranks as one sterling opportunity, a chance of a lifetime.


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