7.2.2 Controls

If Controls represents the major for your PhD study, you should take at least 5 courses from the lists shown below. Of these, at least 4 courses should be from the Controls Core list.


You must consult your Major Field Advisor if you are planning to include any of the courses listed in the emphasis areas as part of a non-control minor that has common courses with the emphasis area (e.g. an emphasis in Dynamic Systems and a minor in Dynamics).

Selection of other courses not listed can be done with the approval of the Major Field Advisor and the Vice Chair for Graduate Study. You should prepare a written justification of your selection.


If Controls represents a minor for your PhD study, you should take at least 2 courses from the Controls Core Course list. You may not double-count courses towards both the major and the minor requirements.


Core Courses in Controls

Eng 231 - Mathematical Methods in Engineering

Mech Eng 292B - Advanced Special Topics

Mech Eng C134 / Electrical Eng C128 - Feedback Control Systems

Mech Eng 230 - Real-Time Applications of Mini and Micro Computers

Mech Eng C231A / El Eng C220B - Experiential Advanced Control Design I

Mech Eng C231B / El Eng C220C - Experiential Advanced Control Design II

Mech Eng C232 / El Eng C220A - Advanced Control Systems I

Mech Eng 233 - Advanced Control Systems II

Mech Eng 234 - Multivariable Control System Design

Mech Eng 237 - Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Mech Eng 290J - Predictive Control for Linear and Hybrid Systems

Mech Eng 290N - System Identification


One Unit Core Courses

Students would need to take all three to count for one core course

Mech Eng 190L - Practical Control System Design: A Systematic Loopshaping Approach

Mech Eng 190M - Model Predictive Control

Mech Eng 190Y - Practical Control System Design: A Systematic Optimization Approach


Courses for Controls with Control Systems Emphasis

Mech Eng C290S / Electrical Eng C291E - Hybrid Systems and Intelligent Control

Mech Eng C236 / Civ Eng C291F - Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters Systems

Electrical Eng 221A - Linear System Theory

Electrical Eng 222 - Nonlinear Systems--Analysis, Stability and Control

Electrical Eng 223 - Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control

Electrical Eng 226A - Random Processes in Systems

Electrical Eng 227A / B - Introduction to Convex Optimization / Convex Optimization and Approximation


Courses for Controls with Dynamic Systems Emphasis

Mech Eng 175 - Intermediate Dynamics

Mech Eng 273 - Oscillations in Linear Systems

Mech Eng 274 - Random Oscillations of Mechanical Systems

Mech Eng 275 - Advanced Dynamics

Mech Eng 277 - Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems

Mech Eng 280A - Introduction to the Finite Element Method

Mech Eng 283 - Wave Propagation in Elastic Media

Mech Eng 288 - Theory of Elastic Stability


Courses for Controls with Mechatronics & Robotics Emphasis

Mech Eng 131 - Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Mech Eng 229 - Design of Basic Electro-Mechanical Devices

Mech Eng 239 - Advanced Design and Automation

Electrical Eng C125 / Bioengineering C125 - Introduction to Robotics

Electrical Eng 192 - Mechatronic Design Laboratory