7.2.1 Biomechanical Engineering

For the "Biomechanical Engineering" Major, you may choose all five courses from the "Core" group, or, choose three from the "Core" group and two others from a range of emphasis areas, such as mechanics, fluids, materials, MEMS, or controls - see the lists below for approved courses in these areas. In either case, you can choose at most two (upper division) undergraduate courses. If opting for the 3/2 major, there must be a thematic connection between the three core courses and the two emphasis courses. Further, for that option, the two emphasis courses should not be in your declared Minor; in that event, we recommend you consider declaring that Minor as your Major, and declare "Biomechanical Engineering" as your Minor since that option better aligns your course interests with your Major area.


For the "Biomechanical Engineering" Minor, you should choose all courses from "Core" group.


If you wish to use other courses not listed below for the "Biomechanical Engineering" Major or Minor, please discuss this with your Major Field Advisor. This option will require formal approval from both your Major Field Advisor and the Vice Chair of Graduate Study and will only be approved with appropriate justification.


Core Courses in Biomechanical Engineering

  • • Mech Eng C117 / Bio Eng C117 - Structural Aspects of Biomaterials

    • Mech Eng 120 - Computational Biomechanics Across Multiple Scales

    • Mech Eng C176 / Bio Eng C119 - Orthopedic Biomechanics

    • Mech Eng C210 - Advanced Orthopedic Biomechanics

    • Mech Eng 211 - Cell as a Machine

    • Mech Eng C212 / Bio Eng C212 - Heat and Mass Transport in Biomedical Engineering

    • Mech Eng C213 / Bio Eng C213 - Fluid Mechanics of Biological Systems

    • Mech Eng C214 / Bio Eng C214 - Advanced Tissue Mechanic

    • Mech Eng C215 / Bio Eng C222 - Advanced Structural Aspects of Biomaterials

    • Mech Eng C216 / Bio Eng C215 - Mechanobiology of the Cell

    • Mech Eng C223 / Bio Eng C223 - Polymer Engineering

    • Mech Eng  278 Advanced Designing for the Human Body

    • Mech Eng C290L – Introduction to Nano-Biology

    • Mech Eng C290X / Bio Eng C290D - Advanced Technical Communication

    • Mech Eng 292A - Advanced Special Topic


Courses for Emphasis Areas:

Biomechanical Engineering with Design Emphasis

  • • Mech Eng 290K - Innovation and Life Cycle Thinking

    • Mech Eng 290 P - New Product Development: Design Theory and Methods

    • Mech Eng C292C – Designing an Upper Limb Prosthesis

    • Mech Eng C292C – Human Centered Design

    • Mech Eng 290Q - Dynamic Control of Robotic Manipulator


Biomechanical Engineering with Mechanics Emphasis

  • • Mech Eng 185 - Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

    • Mech Eng 280A/B - Introduction to the Finite Element Method / Finite Element Methods in Nonlinear Continua

    • Mech Eng 284 - Nonlinear Theory of Elasticit


Biomechanical Engineering with Fluids Emphasis

  • • Mech Eng 167 - Microscale Fluid Flow

    • Mech Eng 260A/B - Advanced Fluid Mechanics I/Advanced Fluid Mechanics II

    • Mech Eng 263 - Turbulence

    • Mech Eng 266A/B - Finite Difference Methods for Fluids Dynamics / Spectral Methods for - Fluid Dynamics

    • Mech Eng C268 - Physicochemical Hydrodynamic


 Biomechanical Engineering with Materials Emphasis

  • • Mech Eng 224 - Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

    • Mech Eng C225 / Material Science C212 - Deformation and Fracture of Engineering Materials

    • Mech Eng 226 - Tribology

    • Mech Eng 227 - Mechanical Behavior of Composite Material


Biomechanical Engineering with MEMS Emphasis

  • • Mech Eng 119 - Introduction to MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems)

    • Mech Eng C219 / Electrical Eng C246 - Parametric and Optimal Design of MEMS

    • Mech Eng C218 / Electrical Eng C245 - Introduction to MEMS Design


Biomechanical Engineering with Controls Emphasis

• Mech Eng C134 / Electrical Eng C128 - Feedback Control Systems

• Mech Eng 230 - Real-Time Applications of Mini and Micro Computers

• Mech Eng C232 / El Eng C220A - Advanced Control Systems