6.2 Master of Engineering Degree Requirements

Normative Time


9 months or 2 semesters


Minimum Number of Units To Complete Degree


25 Semester Units (must be in 200 series)


Minimum Number of Mechanical Engineering Units In Area Of Concentration


12 Semester Units

Course Restriction:  Must be in 200 series and letter-graded


Minimum Number of Core Leadership Curriculum Units


6 Semester Units

Course Restriction:  Must be in 200 series and letter-graded


These must consist of:


Fall Boot Camp: August 7 - 17, 2018 (including weekends)

  • ENGIN 270A (Organizational Behavior & Negotiations), 1 unit
  • ENGIN 270B (R&D Tech Management & Ethics), 1 unit


Fall Semester

  • ENGIN 270K (Coaching for High Performance Teams), 1 unit


Spring Boot Camp: January 7 – 18, 2019 (including weekends)
Students must choose 1 of the options below to meet core requirement

  • ENGIN 270D (Entrepreneurship), 1 unit
  • ENGIN 270E (Strategy & Analysis), 1 unit



Students must choose 1 of the options below to meet core requirement

  • ENGIN 270F ( Data Analytics), 1 unit
  • ENGIN 270G (Marketing & Product Management), 1 unit

Spring Semester Core Requirement

  • ENGIN 270C (Project Management & Capstone Integration), 1 unit


Maximum Number of Capstone Project Units (296M A-B)


5 Semester Units of ENGIN 296M A-B (letter graded) can be counted towards the 25 unit total requirement.  The semester enrollment restrictions for these courses are as follows:


  • 2.5 Semester Units – Fall
  • 2.5 Semester Units - Spring


2 semester Units of Capstone Integration Course (ENGIN 295)

  • 1 Semester Unit - Fall
  • 1 Semester Unit - Spring


Students are required to complete a capstone project.  The project enables the student to integrate the core leadership curriculum with the concentration and gain hands-on industry experience.


Minimum Grade Point Averages (GPAs)


All students are required to have a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0.  Only courses with a C- or better can count towards graduate requirements. 


Minimum Units You Are Required In Order To Be Registered Each Semester


Full-time students must enroll in 12 units each semester.


Maximum Number of Units You Can Transfer Towards Your Masters of Engineering Degree


A Master of Engineering student may petition to transfer up to 4 semester units or 6 quarter units of 200-level courses completed as a graduate student at another UC campus.  They may not present course work previously used to satisfy requirements for another degree program at another institution.


Berkeley undergraduates who take graduate course work during their last undergraduate semester may petition to backdate graduate standing in order to receive graduate credit for that course work.  Graduate standing may be backdated from the last semester, and students may petition for credit only for the course work that was not required for the undergraduate degree.


All petitions to have units transferred must be first approved by the Vice Chair for Graduate Study.   He then forwards the petitions to Graduate Division.


Detailed restrictions can be found in Graduate Division’s Guide to Graduate Policy:


Advancement To Candidacy


Students should apply for Advancement to Candidacy at the beginning of their second semester.   The form can be found on the department website.


Comprehensive Exam and Report


An oral presentation and a written report of the capstone project are required by the end of the Spring Semester.   The audience at the oral presentation must consist of ME Advisor, instructor(s), peers and industry partners.


Two committee members are needed for the report:

  • -Your ME Advisor
  • -ME or Professor outside the ME department


  • -At least one committee member must be from ME
  • -Both individuals must also be members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate