MS (Plan 2)

The majority of students earning a master’s degree in our department earn a Master of Science in Plan II.  It can be done in conjunction with the PhD (through application to the MS/PhD degree). 


Degrees are granted after completion of programs of study that emphasize the application of the natural sciences to the analysis and solution of engineering problems.  Advanced courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and the life sciences are normally included in a program that incorporates the engineering systems approach for analysis of problems.  Students must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the accredited engineering curricula or satisfy the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in engineering as determined by the department concerned for admission to this program.  The department also has a concurrent degree program with the Goldman School of Public Policy: Public Policy (MPP) - Mechanical Engineering (MS).


For more information, please see  A printable version of the curriculum can be found here.

Please note that the Department of Mechanical Engineering will not offer a Standard Master of Science terminal degree option for the Fall 2019 application cycle. Students who are interested in a terminal master’s program may wish to consider our Master of Engineering Program.