4.2 Continuing Student Registration

Registration is a two part process - one must enroll in courses as well as pay at least 20% of the full fees accessed (this includes NRT for non-Residents).


Registered Students:

- May take classes

- May graduate 

- Have access to the Recreation and Sports Facilities (RSF) and Libraries 

- Are covered by GSHIP (Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan)
The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a comprehensive major medical insurance plan, providing medical, counseling, prescription, vision and dental services. For more information, please see http://uhs.berkeley.edu/students/insurance/.

- May hold GSR, GSI, and Reader appointment(s) 

- Eligible for all student services and privileges 

- Must register for 15 units


4.2.1 - To Enroll

1. Review Graduate Division's Registration and Enrollment site for deadlines and regulations: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/current_students/current_reg.html.
2. Review courses on the Online Schedule of Classes, located at http://schedule.berkeley.edu/.
3. Refer to the list of core and recommended courses in Chapter 7. Though this list is intended for PhD students, it can be very helpful to Masters students as well. 
4. Complete the Confirmation of Class Schedule (this is a writable form-please do not fill out by hand). Take a printed copy of this form and meet with the appropriate Major Field Advisor (MFA) to go over your course selections and reach an agreement regarding the courses. 
5. Bring the Confirmation to the Student Services Office in 6189 Etcheverry Hall. We keep the form in your record and provide you an Advisor Code which you will need to enroll.
6. Login to CalCentral to begin to enroll in your courses. 
7. During Phase I, sign up for up to 10 units worth of courses. Please note that students usually take 3 courses and the rest of the units are usually ME 299 or ME 298. If you are unable to enroll in your desired courses because they are full, be sure to place your name on the waitlist and attend the first lectures. Instructors have the ability to request that you be moved automatically from the waitlist into the course.
8. During Phase II, you may add additional courses until you are taking at least 15 units.
9. The department requires students to take at least 15 units a semester. Failing to do so can result in the recision of any fellowships and/or fee remission as well as incur other penalties. 
10. If, after meeting with the MFA and turning in your Confirmation, there are changes to be made to your schedule, you will be able to login to TeleBEARS and make the changes yourself until the end of the 3rd week of courses. If you are drastically changing your schedule, it is recommended you revisit your MFA to discuss the changes.
11. You have until the end of the 3rd week of classes to be enrolled in the final 15 units of coursework necessary to be considered a full-time registered student.
12. To make changes after the first 3 weeks, fill out the Petition to Change Class Schedule Form (instructions can be found at http://registrar.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/pdf/PettoChgCCS.Inst.pdf), obtain the MFA's signature, and turn it in to 6189 Etcheverry Hall. Please note each change occurring after the first 3 weeks will incur fees. However, if you are not registered in a class you are attending you need to add it; otherwise you will not receive credit for the class as your name will not appear on the final course report.
13. When you have finalized your schedule, make sure that you check your schedule on TeleBEARS to ensure that all changes have been made. Ultimately, you are in charge of your own schedule, making sure you are making adequate progress towards your degree, and meeting Graduate Divisions Deadlines.
14. If you are registered in a class that you did not request, YOU MUST DROP IT. Otherwise, you will receive an F for non-attendance.


4.2.2 - To Pay Fees

For information on how to pay your bill, please see http://studentbilling.berkeley.edu/


Students who have ME Department support, such a fellowship, GSI, or GSR may have partial or full fees paid by their Research Advisor's Grant or by the department. Some students on external fellowships such as the NSF or NDSEG will also have their fees paid. Percentages dictate the level of payment. Please see http://grad.berkeley.edu/policies/pdf/fee_remission_eligibility.pdf for details. 


Details of your fee payment status can be found at the Quick Statement link in Bearfacts at http://bearfacts.berkeley.edu.