Degree Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers several Graduate degree programs.  Students have the option to apply for the MEng, MS/PhD, PhD, or the DEng at the time of application.  (Please note that our doctorate students are primarily admitted to the PhD Program rather than the DEng.).  Details for each of these programs can be found through the menu on the left.


The MS/PhD is a continuous program in which a student, after having completed its degree requirements, can earn the MS and automatically move forward to the PhD.  For further clarification on this question, please see our Degree Chart.  It is intended for students who have not yet earned a master’s and it is the degree to which the majority of our doctoral applicants apply.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering will not offer a standard Master of Science terminal degree option for the Fall 2019 application cycle. Students who are interested in a terminal master’s program may wish to consider our Master’s of Engineering Program.


Distance Learning

We do not offer evening or distance learning degree programs at this time.  All our degree programs are full-time day programs with the exception of the part-time option for our MEng program.  Online courses and certificate programs are offered through UC Extension.