Five Year BS/MS Program

The 5th Year Masters Program is open only to UC Berkeley undergraduates who have majored in Mechanical Engineering, the Mechanical Engineering/Nuclear Engineering Joint Program, or the Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering Joint Program.  Graduates earn a Master of Science degree.


The program allows students to broaden their educational experiences at Berkeley by allowing them to expand their knowledge of the major and also take a portion of their courses outside of their major.  Specifically, the latter can come from the following categories:

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • School of Information
  • School of Business
  • School of Public Policy


A strong priority is given to courses that are technical in nature.  Other courses can be petitioned to the Vice Chair through the MechE Student Services Office. 


In contrast to a more traditional engineering masters degree, its requirements are solely coursework; it does not have a research component, and it is a two-semester degree (traditional masters are usually 3-4 semesters).  Extensions on normative time (i.e. two semesters) will not be given on the basis of research or outside work/internships for this program. This two-semester program is not intended for applicants that desire to continue to the PhD; such individuals are advised to apply directly to the MS/PhD or PhD program.  However, graduates of this program are free to apply to PhD programs elsewhere as it is the exact same degree as a traditional masters.


For full details, please see the 5th Year Masters Handbook.