ME Faculty Advising for Spring 2019

Preparing for the Spring 2019 Semester

Spring 2019 courses will appear on the UC Berkeley Schedule in early October.  Phase I of Course Enrollment will begin mid-October.  New freshmen in MechE will be required to see a Faculty Adviser and their enrollment will be blocked until they do ( The holds will look like this in CalCentral:  "Enrollment Hold-Faculty Advising" ).  For everyone else, Faculty Advising is strongly recommended, but not required.  Details are below.


Individual Advising


Who: F18 Faculty Adviser Assignments


Where: Faculty Offices

When:  Tuesday, 10/2 - Thursday, 4/11, faculty will have sign-up sheets on their door starting the last week of September.  If your faculty does not have sign-up and have not contacted you about an alternate method of meeting, please email them.  Please sign up at least a day in advance and make sure to show up for the time that you signed up for.  Being a no-show will not be acceptable.

What to Bring

To ensure that advising time is productive and that we can advise you properly, we cheerfully insist that you bring the following documents with you (you will not be advised without them):


- A Class Enrollment Form (Frosh students:  this form will need to be signed by a Faculty Adviser and brought to 6189 Etcheverry Hall - please allow us at least 2 business days to remove any blocks)
- An unofficial transcript (from CalCentral).  You can bring your laptop to show this.

- A copy of the ME curriculum (with your completed courses X'ed out)

- A completed ME Degree Check form

Graduating Seniors

Graduating Seniors and students who plan to graduate in Spring 2019 should make sure to do a Final Degree Check with your ESS Adviser in 230 Bechtel if you have not already done so.

Undeclared Students Who Intend to Declare ME

Should schedule a meeting with Professor J.Y. Chen.  His contact information can be found at

General Announcements

- Starting in Fall 2018, all students will need to take EE 49.  EE 16A will no longer be accepted for the MechE Curriculum.

- Starting Fall 2015, CS 61A will no longer be accepted as a substitute for E7.

- Lower Division Technical Elective courses only can count 3 units towards your 15 unit requirement.

- Students who are interested in Design should check out the Human-Centered Design Course Thread.

- Students must complete prerequisites before taking classes.