IT Services

Computer Networking

Faculty, staff, and students may connect their devices to the AirBears2 wireless network by obtaining an AirBears2 key.  Additional information regarding the Campus wireless infrastructure and setup instructions can be found on the IST website.


Visitors to Etcheverry Hall may connect to the CalVisitors public wireless network.


Research groups may establish Ethernet connections within Etcheverry Hall by registering their devices with the Campus DHCP Service.  Research groups may also request static IP addresses for desktops and other special purpose devices* by contacting the DECF Consult.

*Restrictions and additional security requirements apply. 


Class Computer Accounts

2105, 2107, 2109 Etcheverry: If you’d like to use the computing facilities on the 2nd floor of Etcheverry, before the beginning of each semester please send an email to Rene Viray with the Course Number, Course Control Number (CCN) and estimated number of students. Also, please reserve room 2105/2107/2109 with Shareena Samson if you need to schedule lab sessions.


1111 Etcheverry (DECF): If you’d like to use the 1111 Etcheverry Linux computer lab for your classes, please check the current class schedule, and send an email to the DECF Consult with the following information: course number, instructor/TA contact information, special software accommodation.



The department provides 2 CAD labs (1171 and 2107 Etcheverry) to ME students. ME students may apply for access, and manage their CAD lab accounts by using the ME User Account Tool.


General Access Computer Lab (DECF)

A general access Linux computer lab is provided through the Davis-Etcheverry Computing Facility (DECF) in 1111 Etcheverry.  For more info, please visit the DECF website.



Campus provides a repository of system, productivity, and engineering software (including Matlab, Mathematica, and LabVIEW, etc.) to eligible Campus affiliates free of charge.  Please visit Software Central for the list of available software and download instructions.


Free access to AutoCAD and Autodesk software is provided directly through Autodesk.


Research Lab Websites

A free web hosting service is provided to all ME research labs by the Davis-Etcheverry Computing Facility (DECF).  For details on how to set up a research lab website, please contact the DECF Consult.


Computer Requirements for Students

Our technical staff prefer PCs rather than MACS. Most departmental software only runs on PCs because there are no MAC equivalent. However, there are software tools that allow a MAC to dual boot and run PC software. MACs also support Virtual Machine PCs (VM PCs), however our report on such setup is that it's problematic and may cause performance issues. Any PCs with a minimum of Intel Core i3 CPU and up (and it's AMD equivalent) should suffice. Regarding RAM, 4Gb should suffice - 8Gb would be better. Anything beyond that may not be particularly helpful for our purposes.


Calculator Requirements for Students

Please note that, according to Department policy, the only type of calculators that are allowed during undergraduate examinations are simple models such as the TI-30XS or TI-83/84 Plus. This policy, in place for several years now, was implemented to help ensure a level playing field for all students during exams.


IT Security and Policies

In order to protect sensitive data and IT assets, all users must comply with the IT policies set forth by the Berkeley IT Policy Team.  These policies include, but are not limited to, Computer Use Policy and Minimum Security Standards.  For details regarding Campus IT policies and security standards, please visit the Berkeley Security website.