Biomechanical Engineering



Bioengineering has undergone dramatic growth during the last decade, and many innovations can be credited to work at UC Berkeley. The Bay Area is a major international center for bioengineering research where numerous companies provide excellent employment opportunities for UC graduates. Our program in Biomechanical Engineering is focused on the application of mechanical engineering principles to human healthcare problems. A core strength of the BioME program lies in the breadth of faculty expertise and related resources. Our research spans from long-term basic science questions to the practical development of translational technologies. Highly multi-disciplinary in nature, and funded by NIH, NSF, other federal agencies and industry, this work is conducted with a variety of collaborators across different engineering departments at Berkeley and elsewhere, and with faculty and students from medical schools and research centers. Ultimately, we seek to improve healthcare — and thus people’s lives — by identifying and working on important medical problems that can be addressed by improved technology. Please visit our various labs to further explore.


Faculty with research interests that relate to Biomechanical Engineering issues include Professors Costas GrigoropoulosHomayoon KazerooniKyriakos KomvopoulosDennis K. LieuLiwei LinOliver O'ReillyPanayiotis PapadopoulosÖmer SavaşLydia SohnDavid Steigmann, and Tarek I. Zohdi.


The Major Field Advisors for each research area are listed here.


Core Faculty:

Homayoon Kazerooni

Bioengineering, Robotics, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Design, Automated Manufacturing and Human-Machine Systems

Tony M. Keaveny

Mechanical Behavior of Bone, Finite Element Modeling and Experimentation, Design of Implant Systems

Mohammad R. K. Mofrad

Multiscale Cardiovascular Biomechanics; Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology; Nucleocytoplasmic Transport

Grace O'Connell

Soft Tissue Mechanics, Tissue Engineering, Intervertebral Disc

Lisa A. Pruitt

Orthopedic tissues; Biomaterials and Medical Polymers; Fatigue Fracture Mechanisms

Shawn C. Shadden

Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Image-based Computational Fluid Dynamics, Device Design, Thrombosis

Lab Websites:

Berkeley Robotics & Human Engineering Lab

Cardiovascular Biomechanics Lab

Medical Polymers and Biomaterials Lab

Molecular Cell Biomechanics Lab

Orthopaedic Biomechanics Lab

Soft Tissue Biomechanics Lab