Graduate Course Syllabi

Below is a list of courses that are available to Mechanical Engineering and College of Engineering students. Graduate students are also given the choice to take "undergraduate" technical electives, which are listed here.


Mechanical Engineering Courses


TITLE & SAMPLE SYLLABI (if applicable/available)

ME C200/ DEV ENG C200 Design, Evaluate, and Scale Development Technologies
Syllabus for F17

ME C201/MSE C286

Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Manufacturing Processes

ME C202 / Mat Sci C287

Computational Design of Multifunctional/Multiphysical Composite Materials

ME 204 

Advanced Manufacturing Systems Analysis, AMS 

ME 206 Engineering Design and Prototyping: Pedagogy & Assessment

ME C210 / Bio E C209 

Advanced Orthopedic Biomechanics

ME 211

The Cell as a Machine

ME C212 / Bio E C212

Heat and Mass Transport in Biomedical Engineering

ME C213 / Bio E C213

Fluid Mechanics of Biological Systems

ME C214 / Bio E C214

Advanced Tissue Mechanics

ME C215 / Bio E C222

Advanced Structural Aspects of Biomaterials

ME C216 / Bio E C215

Parametric and Optimal Design of MEMS

ME C217 / Int Bio C217 / Bio E C217

Biomimetic Engineering -- Engineering from Biology

Syllabus for F17

ME C218 / EE C245

Introduction to MEMS Design

ME C219 / EE C246

Parametric and Optimal Design of MEMS

ME 220

Precision Manufacturing

ME 221 Graduate Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Systems

ME 222

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

ME C223

Polymer Engineering

Syllabus for F17

ME 224

Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

Syllabus for F18

ME C225 / MSE C212

Deformation and Fracture of Engineering Materials

ME 226


ME 227

Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials

ME 228

Computer-Aided, Optimal Mechanical Design

ME 229

Design of Basic Electro-Mechanical Devices

ME 230

Real-Time Applications of Mini and Micro Computers

ME 230A Predictive Control
ME 230B Advanced System Theory: Control-Oriented Robustness Analysis

ME C231A / EE C220

Experiential Advanced Control Design I
Syllabus for F17

ME C231B / EE C220C

Experiential Advanced Control Design II

ME C232

Advanced Control Systems I

Syllabus for F17

ME 233

Advanced Control Systems II

ME 234

Multivariable Control System Design

ME 235

Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems

ME C236 / EE C291 / CE C291F

Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters Systems

ME 237

Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

ME 238

Advanced Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems Laboratory

ME 239

Advanced Design and Automation

ME 240A

Advanced Marine Structures I
Sample Syllabus for 2014-15

ME 240B

Advanced Marine Structures II
Sample Syllabus for 2014-15

ME 241A

Marine Hydrodynamics I

ME 241B

Marine Hydrodynamics II

ME 243

Advanced Methods in Free-Surface Flows

ME 245

Oceanic and Atmospheric Waves

ME 246

Advanced Energy Conversion Principles

ME 250A

Advanced Conductive and Radiative Transport

Syllabus for F18

ME 250B Advanced Convective Transport and Computational Methods

ME 251

Heat Conduction

ME 252

Heat Convection

ME 253

Thermal Radiation

ME 254

Thermodynamics I

ME 255

Advanced Combustion Processes

Syllabus for F18

ME 256


Syllabus for F17

ME 257

Advanced Combustion

ME 258

Heat Transfer with Phase Change

ME 259

Microscale Thermophysics and Heat Transfer

ME 260A

Advanced Fluid Mechanics I

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for F18

ME 260B

Advanced Fluid Mechanics II

ME 260D

Advanced Fluid Mechanics IV

ME 262

Hydrodynamic Stability and Instability

ME 263


ME 266

Dynamics and Stability of Engineering and Geophysical Flows with Rotation, Convection, or Waves

ME C268 / Chem E C268

Physicochemical Hydrodynamics

ME 273

Oscillations in Linear Systems

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for F18

ME 274

Random Oscillations of Mechanical Systems

ME 275

Advanced Dynamics

ME 277

Nonlinear and Random Vibrations

ME C278 / BioE 237

Adv Designing for the Human Body

Syllabus for F18

ME C279 / Civ Eng C235

Statistical Mechanics of Elasticity

ME 280A

Introduction to the Finite Element Method

Syllabus for F18

ME 280B

Finite Element Methods in Nonlinear Continua

ME 281

Methods of Tensor Calculus and Differential Geometry

ME 282

Theory of Elasticity

ME 283

Wave Propagation in Elastic Media

ME 284

Nonlinear Theory of Elasticity

ME 285A

Foundations of the Theory of Continuous Media

ME 285B

Surfaces of Discontinuity and Inhomogeneities in Deformable Continua

ME 285C

Electrodynamics of Continuous Media 
ME 285C Spring 2013 Syllabus

ME 285D

Engineering Rheology

ME 286

Theory of Plasticity

Syllabus for F18

ME 287

Graduate Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Syllabus for F18

ME 288

Theory of Elastic Stability

ME 289

Theory of Shells

ME 290A

Nonlinear Dynamics of Continuous Systems

ME 290C

Topics in Fluid Mechanics

ME 290D

Solid Modeling and CAD/CAM Fundamentals

ME 290G

Laser Processing and Diagnostics

ME 290H

Green Product Development: Design for Sustainability
Sample Syllabus

ME 290I

Sustainable Manufacturing 
ME 290I Spring 2013 Syllabus

ME 290J

Predictive Control for Linear and Hybrid Systems

ME 290 KA

Innovation through Design Thinking

Syllabus for F17

ME 290 KB

Life Cycle Thinking in Engineering Design

ME 290L

Introduction to Nano-Biology

ME 290M

Expert Systems in Mechanical Engineering

ME 290N

System Identification

ME 290P

New Product Development: Design Theory and Methods

ME 290Q

Dynamic Control of Robotic Manipulators

ME 290R

Topics in Manufacturing 
ME 290R Fall 2012 Syllabus (Romero-Hernandez)
ME 290R Spring 2013 Syllabus (McMains)

ME 290R F17 Syllabus (Taylor)

ME C290S / EE C291E

Hybrid Systems and Intelligent Control

ME 290T

Plasmonic Materials

Syllabus for F17

ME 290U

Interactive Device Design 

Syllabus for F17

ME C290V

Topics in Energy, Climate, and Sustainability 

ME C290X / Bio E C290D

Advanced Technical Communication: Proposals, Patents, and Presentations

ME 290Z

Topics in Control, Modeling and Optimization

ME 292A

Advanced Special Topics in Bioengineering

Syllabus for F17 (Herr/Weinstein)

ME 292B

Advanced Special Topics in Controls
Syllabus for F17 (Ruiz)

Syllabus for F18 (Sreenath)

ME 292C

Advanced Special Topics in Design

Syllabus for F17 (Agogino)

Syllabus for F18 (Stuart)

ME 292D Advanced Special Topics in Dynamics
ME 292E

Advanced Special Topics in Energy Science and Technology

Syllabus for F17 (Mao)

ME 292F Advanced Special Topics in Fluids
ME 292G Advanced Special Topics in Manufacturing
ME 292H Advanced Special Topics in Materials
ME 292I Advanced Special Topics in Mechanics
ME 292J Advanced Special Topics in MEMS/Nano
ME 292K Advanced Special Topics in Ocean Engineering

ME 296MA

Master of Engineering Capstone Project

ME 296MB

Master of Engineering Capstone Project

ME 298

Group Studies, Seminars, or Group Research

ME C298A / ESPM ME C291 / Phys C290I, Math C290C, Chem E C295M, CE C290K, Bio E C290C

Topics in Fluid Mechanics

ME 299

Individual Study or Research

ME 375

Teaching of Mechanical Engineering at the University Level


Engineering Courses


TITLE & SAMPLE SYLLABI (if applicable/available)

ENG 201

Ocean Engineering Seminar

ENG 230

Methods of Applied Mathematics

ENG 231

Mathematical Methods in Engineering

Syllabus for F17

ENG 266A

Finite Difference Methods for Fluid Dynamics

ENG 266B

Spectral Methods for Fluid Dynamics

ENG 290

Special Topics in Management of Technology

ENG 290H

Management of Technology - Doing Business in China


Master of Engineering Capstone Project


Master of Engineering Capstone Project

ENG 298A

Group Studies or Seminars

ENG 298B

Group Studies or Seminars


*Please note that this page is being updated as the department collects additional syllabi.