8.3 Re-enrollment Procedure

To apply for re-enrollment after being on filing fee status or short leave of absence, a student should submit a Readmission Application and a Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) for the Vice-Chair of Graduate Study's approval and pay the application fee.  Current fees are listed on the application form.  Students must submit all their required forms to the ME Student Services Office no later than April 15 for the Fall Semester and October 15 for the Spring Semester.


Important: Students who are requesting a re-enrollment in the same degree program after a short period of leave of absence must provide a letter of support from their Research Advisor in addition to the two forms indicated above.  If the former research advisor is no longer in service, they must find one prior to submitting their application.


It is important for students to note that our department is not obliged to readmit a student who has withdrawn for any reason.  Readmission is recommended at the judgment of the department, which assesses the strength of the student's academic record in weighing its approval.  Although a student may have left having made satisfactory academic progress, the Department of Mechanical Engineering may weigh petitions for re-enrollment and readmission against the pool of new applicants for admission, who may be stronger candidates.