7.2.8 Materials

If Materials represents the major of your PhD study, a maximum of two (2) 100 level courses can be used toward the major area requirements.


Selection of other courses not listed can be done with the approval of the Major Field Advisor and the Vice Chair for Graduate Study. You should prepare a written justification of your selection.


If Materials represents a minor of your PhD study, you should take at 2 courses from the Materials Core list. You may not double-count courses towards both the major and the minor requirements.


Core Courses in Materials

  • Mech Eng 292H - Advanced Special Topics
  • Mech Eng 224
  • Mech Eng C225/Mat Sci C212
  • Mech Eng 226
  • Mech Eng 227


Strongly Recommended Courses in Materials

  • Mech Eng 127 - Composite Materials--Analysis, Design, Manufacture
  • Mech Eng C223/Bio Eng C223 - Polymer Engineering


Courses in Materials you are encouraged to take

  • Mech Eng C117/Bio Eng 117 - Structural Aspects of Biomaterials
  • Mech Eng C176/Bio Eng 176 - Orthopedic Biomechanics
  • Mech Eng 185 - Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
  • Mech Eng C214/Bio Eng C214 - Advanced Tissue Mechanics
  • Mech Eng 221 - High-Tech Product Design and Rapid Manufacturing
  • Mech Eng 222 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes