7.2.6 Fluids

If Fluid Mechanics represents the major of your PhD study, you must take at least 5 courses from the lists shown below. Of these, you must take ME 260A/B and at least 2 others from the Core list. The remainder can be from either list. Selection of other courses not listed can be done with the approval of the Major Field Advisor and the Vice Chair for Graduate Study. You should prepare a written justification of your selection.


If Fluid Mechanics represents a minor of your PhD study, you should take 2 courses from the lists below. One of these courses must be ME 260A/B from the Core list. You may not double-count courses towards both the major and the minor requirements.


Core Courses in Fluids

  • Mech Eng 292F - Advanced Special Topics
  • Mech Eng 241A/B - Marine Hydrodynamics I / Marine Hydrodynamics II
  • Mech Eng 260A/B - Advanced Fluid Mechanics I / Advanced Fluid Mechanics II
  • Mech Eng 262 - Theory of Fluid Sheets and Fluid Jets
  • Mech Eng 263 - Turbulence
  • Mech Eng 266 - Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Mech Eng 267 (has not been taught in 5 years)
  • Mech Eng C268/Chem Eng C268 - Physicochemical Hydrodynamics


Recommended Courses in Fluids

  • Mech Eng 163 - Engineering Aerodynamics
  • Mech Eng 167 - Microscale Fluid Mechanics
  • Mech Eng 185 - Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
  • Mech Eng C212/Bio Eng C212 - Heat and Mass Transport in Biomedical Engineering
  • Mech Eng 243 - Advanced Methods in Free-Surface Flows
  • Mech Eng 248 - Heat Transfer with Phase Change
  • Eng 266A/B - Finite Difference Methods for Fluid Dynamics / Spectral Methods for Fluid Dynamics