4.3 In Absentia Registration

In absentia status is a form of registration available to academic and professional graduate students undertaking coursework or research related to their degree programs outside of California.  Students registered in absentia are assessed full health insurance fees, and 15% of the combined University Tuition and Student Services Fees. If applicable, students are also assessed the full non-resident tuition and/or professional school fees. Students in self-supporting programs or exchange programs are not eligible for in absentia registration.


To apply, log in your CalCentral, click on "Special Enrollment Petition" located under "Student Resources", and follow the instructions.  Information about in Abstentia registration can be found here: http://grad.berkeley.edu/policy/registration-and-exchange-programs-policy/.  All applications are due no later than the first day of instruction.


Please contact the Student Services Office with any questions you may have.


Eligibility Criteria

  • - The student must be enrolled full-time in regular UC units
  • - Students in self-supporting programs or exchange programs are not eligible for in absentia registration
  • Research or coursework
  • - Must be of a nature that makes it necessary to be completed outside of California for at least one full academic term
  • - Must be directly related to the student's degree program as evidenced by faculty approval
  • - Must involve only indirect supervision appropriate to evaluating the student's academic progress and performance from UC faculty during the in absentia period
  • - Must involve no significant studying or in-person collaboration with UC faculty during the in absentia period
  • Doctoral students:
  • - Must be advanced to candidacy by the time in absentia begins
  • - May only use in absentia registration for a maximum of four semesters


Students may hold University fellowships and GSR appointments, but may not hold GSI, Reader, or Tutor appointments during the in absentia period.


International Students planning on registering in absentia

Those students in F and J status who plan to be outside California but still within the U.S. or to go in and out of the U.S. must register in absentia and also inform the Berkeley International Office.