2.2 Major Field Advisers

Each Major Field Group has a designated a Major Field Adviser (MFA) and every student in the department is assigned to a Major with the exception of 5th Year MS students whose MFA is the Vice Chair of Graduate Study.  You should meet with your MFA to discuss your class schedule before the beginning of each semester unless you have completed all of your coursework.  In that case, you will need the MFA to simply sign off on your Confirmation of Class Schedule.  S/he is responsible for advising you on what courses to take each semester, monitoring your academic program, and helping you progress towards the completion of your degree. 


In addition to advising you on your program of study, the MFA is responsible for:


  • - Recommending action to be taken on various petitions you may initiate
  • - Serving as a general source of advice and counsel on all matters pertaining to your relationship with the College and the University


If you have a problem that your MFA cannot resolve with regards to the above, please come to the ME Student Services Office for further assistance.


A current list of MFAs can be found here.