12.1 Change of Degree Goal - Add Ph.D. to 5th Year, MS or M.Eng

Currently enrolled ME students in M.S., and 5th Year B.S./M.S. program who wish to continue their studies and enroll in the Ph.D. program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering need to submit the following materials to the Student Services Office by the first Monday of March (for Fall) and the first Monday of November (for Spring):


  1. A revised statement of purpose
  2. An official transcript
  3. A letter of support from their Faculty Research
  4. The Funding Verification Form


Final Decisions regarding the application will be sent to the student by the end of the semester ongoing semester.


Current enrolled M.Eng and other U.C. students must apply through the general Online Application for Admission and Review cycle. There is no need for these applicants to submit the former “Change of Major” forms. The students will need to submit their official GRE scores, and all the Ph.D. required materials listed on the ME admissions webpage.


All the applicants will be reviewed simultaneously with the regular applicant pool using the same criteria and standards by the same faculty. This policy is to ensure a transparent, thorough, and fair application review process, independent from an applicant’s current or past enrollment at Berkeley.