Our Mission - Diversity & Inclusion


Engineering, by its nature, represents a collaborative technical endeavor but it's also a very human endeavor.  Success is most often the result of intensive collaboration of teams whose participants possess a wide variety of expertise and perspective.  Here in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, we value that diversity among our students, faculty, and staff and we celebrate our many communities — whether they be based on research or professional interests, academic prowess, gender, ethnicity, cultural or socioeconomic background, age, politics, social interest(s), or any other distinction. That diversity both strengthens and enlivens our program. It helps us to adapt to a changing world, sees things in a different light, appreciate our strengths and recognize our weaknesses, question what we do and why we do the things we do, and never stop pushing ourselves to improve and succeed. Our department remains at the forefront of innovation not just because we have bright and creative students, an esteemed faculty, or a highly trained and dedicated staff, but also because we strive to forge strong partnerships among ourselves and recognize the importance and nourish the potential of each individual. This focus on diversity and inclusion is what helps our department be widely recognized as the best Mechanical Engineering program in any public university in the world.


As the Faculty Equity Advisor for the department, my role is to lead efforts in cultivating an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming climate for all of our members. Each individual should treat themselves and others with respect, dignity and civility, and should be aware of how any type of bias might negatively impact others and remedy their actions accordingly. Further, all in our department should strive to act ethically and according to our Campus Codes of Conduct (http://www.berkeley.edu/about/principles.shtml). My goal is to help individuals achieve these goals, and the department and the campus also provide a number of avenues for advising and feedback.  


Also as part of our mission, the department serves as an ambassador to other communities, both on and off campus.  Toward that end, we participate in a number of activities that we welcome you to join:


(i) outreach at the K-12 levels;
(ii) summer research programs for undergraduates and prospective undergraduates;
(iii) recruitment and retention of women and minorities in the undergraduate and graduate programs;
(iv) social programs and activities to enhance climate;
(v) workshops on professional development topics (e.g. leadership, communication, time management);
(vi) mentorship involving faculty, staff, alumni, and students;
(vii) organized community service;
(viii) engaged research; and
(ix) continual improvement of the individual's work environment for student, staff, and faculty.


If you ever have any feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, or complaints related to diversity and inclusion in our department, please do not hesitate to contact me.   


Tony M. Keaveny, Ph.D.
Faculty Equity Adviser
Professor, Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering  (tonykeaveny@berkeley.edu)



The Spring 2015 'Engineering For All - Special Edition' Newsletter is now online.



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