ME138/238 Papers

MEMS and NEMS Laboratory

Selected Papers for Spring 2013 (Tentative)

Paper Authors Title Journal Volume,Page Year
1 S. Iijima Helical Microtubules of Graphitic Carbon Nature Vol. 354, pp. 56-58 1991
2 Y.Q. Jiang, Q. Zhou and Liwei Lin Planar MEMS Supercapacitor using Carbon Nanotube Forests Proceedings of 22th IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference pp. 587-590 2009
3 Y. Xia and G.M. Whitesides Soft Lithography Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Vol. 37, pp.550-575 1998
4 Ryan D. Sochol, William Krieger, Mengqian Liu, Sarah Hesse, Jonathan Lei, Luke P. Lee and Liwei Lin Continuous Flow "Rail-and-Trap" Microfluidic Processors for Autonomous Bead-Based Mixing and Visualization Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems f or Chemistry and Life Sciences (uTAS) Okinawa, Japan 2012
4_1 Ryan D. Sochol, Song Li, Luke P. Lee and Liwei Lin Continuous Flow Multi-Stage Microfluidic Reactors via Hydrodynamic Microparticle Railing Lab on a Chip Vol. 12, pp. 4168-4177, 2012
5 Combined Papers Hydrogel Inside Microfluidic Channels, Continuous-Flow Lithography, Guided and Fluidic Self-Assembly in Microfluidic Channels Nature & Nature Materials/td>
5 D.H. Reneker and I. Chun Nanometre Diameter Fibers of Polymer, Produced by Electrospinning Nanotechnology Vol. 7, pp. 216-223 1996
6 D. Sun, C. Chang, S. Li and L. Lin Near-Field Electrospinning Nanoletters Vol. 6, pp.839-842 2006
7 R.S. Wagner and W.C. Ellis Vapor-Liquid-Solid Mechanism of Single Crystal Growth Appl. Phys. Letters Vol. 4, pp.89-90 1964
8 X. Jiang, T. Herricks and Y. Xia CuO Nanowires can be Synthesized by Heating Copper Substrates in Air Nanoletters Vol. 2, pp. 1333-1338 2002

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