Currently I am working on safety issues during human robot interactions, i.e. how to design a safe controller for a co-robot (a robot operates in a human-involved environment). This problem can be broken into several sub-problems and I am considering the following ones: (1) multi-agent interactions (2) sensing and knowledge representations (3) learning and predictions (4) human modeling and (5) constrained optimal control and decision-making.


2014~ now   Robustly-Safe Automated Driving (ROAD) Systems, UC Berkeley

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2013~ now   Robot Safe Interaction Systems (RSIS) for Intelligent Industrial Co-Robots, UC Berkeley

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2013~ now   Contactless human-machine interactions using novel sensors, UC Berkeley

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2012~2013   Design and control of variable stiffness devices, UC Berkeley

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2012~2012   Analysis of photoresist sprays in IC Manufacturing, Tsinghua University

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