Research Samples

Student: Prithvi Akella
Professor/Sponsor: Professor Oliver O'Reilly
Mentor: Evan Hemingway
Research Project Title: A Visualization Tool for the Vibration of Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beams


Final Paper


Student: Tung Phan
Professor/Sponsor: Professor Oliver O'Reilly
Mentor: Alyssa Novelia
Research Project Title: Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Bodies using JavaScript


This project involves programming several interactive animations of rigid bodies using JavaScript. The resulting animation modules feature arbitrary rotations of rigid bodies and will be showcased on the instructional website http://rotations.berkeley.edu/. The first module features a simulation of a solid block thrown into empty space and can be used to demonstrate the well-known instability of rotation about the intermediate axis. The interface allows the user to adjust the initial angular and linear velocities as well as the gravitational acceleration. The module can be used to show the evolution of the system's variables with time, and draw the trajectory of the center of mass of the block. The second module involves Euler's representation of a rotation in terms of an axis of rotation and an angle of rotation. The module features two coordinate systems whose rotation can be controlled by the user and a third fixed system that serves as a reference. To use the program, the user needs to input two pairs of axes and angles of rotation for the two controllable sets of axes. Upon the user's command, an animation is shown to help them visualize the results of their inputs and enables them to compare two different rotations.