ME Decal Proposals

Proposing a Decal for Fall 2017 - All documents due 5/12/17

1)  A Course Proposal Form.  The completed form should have the signature of the Lead Student Facilitator and Faculty Instructor of Record at the bottom.  Do not obtain the Department Chair's signature.  Please note that ME will only sponsor courses whose Instructor of Record is an ME Faculty Member or Instructor.  Please refer to our Faculty List to check.


2)  A Detailed Syllabus.  In addition to providing course details, the syllabus must address the following questions:

      a)  What is the nature of the subject matter or content of the course? (Include a weekly schedule that shows topics, readings, and assignments for each week.  A list of assigned readings is required, not optional.)

      b)  What are the key learning outcomes? (What will students be expected to know or be able to do as a result of this course?)

      c)  What are the methods of instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, collaborative learning, etc.)?

      d)  How will student performance be evaluated? (What will students be required to do to pass the class, and how much weight will each requirement have toward the
           final grade?)

      e)  How will the instructor of record supervise the student course facilitator(s)?

      f)  Has the student facilitator attended a UCFTR*/SLC* Start-Up Workshop?  or taken a Craft of Facilitating course?


3)  A Unit value/Workload WorksheetPlease note that the number of weeks detailed in the weekly schedule must align with what you enter on this sheet.  Discrepancies will not be accepted.


4)  Signature Sheet for Instructors Of Record.


5)  Department Decal Form (for Scheduling).


6)  Facilitator Hiring Data Form (required for all facilitators).


In addition, prospective students should familiarize themselves with the information at


Student Checklist – This document lists requirements for student facilitators:​

DeCal – Undergraduate student facilitators who wish to advertise their courses through DeCal should consult the DeCal website:

FAQ about Student-Facilitated Courses -


Please refer your Faculty Sponsor/Instructor of Record to the Faculty FAQ