Undergraduate Course Syllabi


Mechanical Engineering Courses

Course Number &

Catalog Description

Title & Syllabi (if applicable)

ME 24

Freshman Seminars

ME 40


Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ME C85 / CE C30

Introduction to Solid Mechanics

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 98

Supervised Independent Group Studies - *Decal Only*

ME 101

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Systems 

ME 102A

Introduction to Measurement Systems for Mechatronics

Syllabus for F17

ME 102B

Mechatronics Design

ME 103 Experimentation and Measurements

ME 104

Engineering Mechanics II

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 106

Fluid Mechanics

Syllabus for F17

ME 107

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

ME 108

Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 109

Heat Transfer

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 110

Introduction to Product Development

ME C117 / Bio E C117

Structural Aspects of Biomaterials

ME 118

Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

ME 119

Introduction to MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems)
Syllabus for F17

ME 120

Computational Biomechanics Across Multiple Scales

ME 122

Processing of Materials in Manufacturing

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 125 Industry-Associated Capstones in Mechanical Engineering (iACME)
Syllabus for Sp18

ME 130

Design of Planar Machinery

Syllabus for F17

ME 131

Vehicle Dynamics and Control

ME 132

Dynamic Systems and Feedback

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 133

Mechanical Vibrations

ME C134 / EECS C128

Feedback Control Systems

ME 135

Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems

ME 136 Introduction to Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

ME 138

Introduction to Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems Laboratory
Syllabus for Sp18

ME 140

Combustion Processes

ME 146

Energy Conversion Principles

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 150A

Solar-Powered Vehicles: Analysis, Design and Fabrication

ME 151

Advanced Heat Transfer

ME 151A Conductive and Radiative Transport
ME 151B

Convective Transport and Computational Methods

ME 160 Ocean Engineering Seminar

ME 163

Engineering Aerodynamics

ME 164

Marine Statics and Structures

ME 165

Ocean-Environment Mechanics

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 167

Microscale Fluid Mechanics

ME 168

Mechanics of Offshore Systems

Syllabus for F17

ME 170

Engineering Mechanics III

Syllabus for Sp18

ME 173

Fundamentals of Acoustics

ME 175

Intermediate Dynamics

ME C176 / BioE C119

Orthopedic Biomechanics

ME C178/ BioE C137 Designing for the Human Body
Syllabus for F17

ME C180 / CE C133

Engineering Analysis Using the Finite Element Method

ME 185

Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Syllabus for F17

ME 190A

Rapid Prototyping of Mechanical Systems

ME 190L

Practical Control System Design: A Systematic Loopshaping Approach

ME 190M

Model Predictive Control

ME 190Y

Practical Control System Design: A Systematic Optimization Approach

ME 191K

Professional Communication for Mechanical Engineers

ME H194

Honors Undergraduate Research

ME 196

Undergraduate Research

ME 198

Directed Group Studies for Advanced Undergraduates - *Decal Only*

ME 199

Supervised Independent Study


Engineering Courses

Course Number &

Catalog Description

Title & Syllabi (if applicable)


Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers

ENG 15

Design Methodology

ENG 25

Visualization for Design

ENG 26

Three-Dimensional Modeling for Design

Syllabus for F17

Syllabus for Sp18

ENG 27

Introduction to Manufacturing and Tolerancing

Syllabus for Sp18

ENG 117

Methods of Engineering Analysis

Fall 2017 Syllabus

ENG 128

Advanced Engineering Design Graphics

ENG 177

Advanced Programming with MATLAB


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